. January 9, 2008

AntiquesSupermarket.com is a worldwide exporter of English antique furniture. The company currently has three container deals on special offer.

1) 20 ft container filled with antique furniture and many boxes of various very profitable smalls onboard. Its value is $11,000 USD and I can sell it for $9,000 USD.

2) 20 ft of 264 lots and its value is $16,812 USD. It has many various smalls onboard and features over 60 frames of old leaded coloured glass. I can sell this container load for just $14,500 USD.

3) 20 ft which has 179 lots onboard and its value is $13,800 USD and I can sell it for $11,500 USD Kindly

Company will email inventory list and selection of pictures from each offer. All prices in each inventory list are in US dollars. Kindly select which deal seems most appealing and company will forward details.

Interested parties are also welcome to fly over to company headquarters in England and hand select your merchandise from us.

We offer various pre packed container deals starting from as little as $5,000 USD. PAYMENT BY TELEGRAPHIC WIRE TRANSFER

We are the dealers with 50 years experience in the trade. Family business since 1890. SEND US YOUR WISH LIST.

Contact info
Antiques Supermarket.com
Excecutive Office
5 Office Tower Street Centre
Isle of Man
United Kingdom
Tel:- 0144 7852 585 674

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