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Rosemary McKittrick has provided auction coverage and analysis on thousands-and-thousands of antiques and collectibles sold since the column started 16-years ago. She includes auction sale results to give readers a feel for what their treasures are worth because the power of auctions is simple.

When the bidding stops and the hammer falls, the value of an item is set. The buyer, not the seller, sets the price, and this simple distinction cuts through all the chitchat about what art, antiques and collectibles are really worth. The emphasis is on today’s values, not yesterday’s wishful thinking.

Each week another new article is posted featuring a particular area of collecting.

• Every article showcases an auction item and how it fits into the big picture.
• A historical context is provided for the treasures people collect.
• Collecting tips are offered.
• Current “prices realized” are listed.

McKittrick is the co-author of The Official Price Guide to Fine Art published by Random House and received her training in the trenches working as a professional appraiser and weekly columnist.

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