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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information For Sale, dubbed the “Worldwide Resource Center for Toy Car Collectors”, has been operated continuously since 1994 by Mr. Dana Johnson, founder and owner of the website and online store, avid toy car collector, author of numerous books on the subject, and founder of the Toy Car Collectors Association. After over a decade in operation, Mr. Johnson is closing the online store and offering the website and domain name to qualified bidders. The estimated worth of the fully-developed website is $75,000, but only time will tell if interested buyers are willing to pay anywhere near that much.

The website is still fully functional and can be accessed by visiting and clicking on the main banner at the top of the page, or by going directly to and browsing the resources on the site. Information provided on the site includes listings of retailers around the US and the world, manufacturer contact information, publications and periodicals devoted to the subject, toy shows around the country, and valuable tips on how to photograph and preserve your toy cars, and how to get the most from selling your collection.

In the past, Mr. Johnson’s efforts have included publishing a newsletter and later a magazine for the Toy Car Collectors Association, itself of which has undergone several incarnations. Beginning in 1992 as the Majorette Diecast Toy Collectors Association, Mr. Johnson published just one newsletter for the club before receiving notice of fines, fees and corporate control from Majorette of France. Operation of the club was suspended for six months, then reorganized as the more generic North American Diecast Toy Collectors Association. The name was later shortened to Diecast Toy Collectors Association to reflect a growing international interest in the club.

At its peak, the club had 400 members, but bBy the end of 2006, membership had fallen to less than 50, so the fee-based membership and publication was discontinued. The club survives to date as an online Yahoogroup shared e-mail group at

Meanwhile, served as the club’s information clearinghouse and a source for purchasing books and toys.

For more information about purchasing the domain and website, contact Mr. Johnson by e-mail at [email protected] or call 541-318-7176.