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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Southern California Glass Show CANCELLED

The much anticipated and previously announced Southern California Glass, Pottery and Dinnerware Show and Sale which had been scheduled for May 3-4, 2008, has been cancelled by the promoter, Buckwheat Antique Shows, LLC.

While collector interest was high because there has not been a Glass Show in southern California since June of 2006, dealer interest was more tepid, due to the high cost of gasoline (and travel in general) and the current state of the economy. Despite the high travel costs, dealers from 9 states had committed to exhibit at the show.

Of more significance, however, was the fact that the management of the Orange County Fair and Exposition Center was inflexible in the negotiations for the rental of the facility, insisting on unnecessary labor charges that guaranteed that the promoter would suffer a loss of more than $3,000. Had these charges been disclosed up front, the show would never have been booked at that facility.

Buckwheat Antique Shows, LLC, regrets having to cancel the show, and apologizes to all of the enthusiastic collectors in the area, but under the circumstances, there was no choice but to do so.