Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Antique Dealers TV™ Launches Virtual Antique Shops™ Nationwide

Antique Dealers TV™ announced today the launch of “Virtual Antique Shops™” that promises to be the venue of the future for all successful antique dealers everywhere. Antique Dealers TV™ is the latest development of the highly acclaimed e-commerce publisher Ray Whitmer who was born into a family with more than 160 years in the antique business.

Antique Dealers TV™ is the first to offer antique dealers the power of showcasing their inventory on their “Virtual Antique Shop™” website without ever touching the website. Antique Dealers TV™ provides antique dealers a turnkey marketing machine that is completely managed by Antique Dealers TV™, allowing antique dealers to do what they do best, sell antiques.

“Now antique dealers everywhere can take their business global, opening the doors of their shop to the millions of internet savvy buyers searching the web for treasures everyday”, says Whitmer.
“I only know two businesses, that’s antiques and the internet, and I can tell that if dealers plan to stay in business they must develop an effective internet marketing strategy immediately”, he added.

The “we do it all for you” business model of Antique Dealers TV™ and the “Virtual Antique Shops™” is expected to resonate with dealers everywhere, especially those who know they need to be on the web. “The fact of the matter is that an effective internet marketing campaign takes a lot of time, and most dealers just don’t have the resources or the technical knowledge to get it done. We provide all dealers with an affordable and effective venue where we do it all for them”.

Antique Dealers TV™ launched the first phase of nine Antique Dealers TV™ city sites last week showcasing all antique dealers in each of those markets. Every antique dealer in every market receives a complimentary listing on the local Antique Dealers TV™ site. Once completely built out, the Antique Dealers TV™ Network will total more than 100 city sites.