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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Antiques, rare artwork on show in Shanghai

THE first (Shanghai) China Antique and Artwork Exposition opens tomorrow at the Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Center.

Organized by Shanghai Yunzhou Antique City, the four-day event features a high-end display section and previews by auction houses.

The display area has 153 booths selling jade, ink-wash paintings, stone carvings, bronze vessels, antique furniture and gilded Buddhas.

The artworks come from all over China, including Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some are from private overseas Chinese collectors.

China’s top auction houses, such as Beijing Poly Auction, Shanghai Duoyunxuan and Bogu Zhai and Zhejiang Xilengyingshe Auction House, display some art pieces for preview, not sale. They will go under the hammer soon.

“Our highlight is a scroll of painting created by Badashanren when he was 59. This is the first time it is unveiled to the public,” says Hu Xilin, public relations director of Zhejiang Xilengyingshe Auction House. It will be auctioned in Hangzhou in June. The floor price is around 20 million yuan (US$2.9 million).

Badashanren (1626-1705) was a descendant of the imperial clan of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). After the Ming Dynasty was overthrown, he became a monk and a Taoist priest. His life had been filled with frustrations, and he expressed his feelings and unyielding characters in paintings.

Badashanren was famous for painting animals with exaggerated details. He drew their eyes with simple circles and dotted them, which distinguished him from his peers.

Date: April 25-28, 9am-5pm

Address: 666 Tianyaoqiao Rd