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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Outstanding Firearms Collections for Woody Auction in St. Charles, Missouri on Sep 6

(St. Charles, Mo.) – A pair of outstanding single-owner lifetime firearms collections will be sold without reserve in two auctions slated for Saturday, September 6, at the St. Charles Convention Center. The two-session event will be conducted by Woody Auction, based in Douglass, Ks. Both collections were amassed by dedicated firearms collectors from Missouri, but they are dissimilar in many respects.

The Brinker Collection comprises about 300 lots of firearms, most of them Belgium Brownings, Smith & Wesson and Colt manufactures, plus wartime firearms. Mr. Brinker, who passed away in 1997, acquired his weapons over a 30-year period. He bought most of what he owned brand new, and he liked to keep each piece in their original box. Most of his firearms are in like-new condition, still in the box.

Dr. Allen Luger, on the other hand, enjoyed vintage firearms, like the twenty early Winchester rifles that will cross the block September 6. All are pre-1964, and some were manufactured prior to 1900 — so old the government doesn’t even recognize them as firearms, but collectibles. Also sold will be about 40 High Standard firearms, the high-quality semi-automatic handguns Dr. Luger also collects.

“The great thing about these sales is that there is virtually no duplication or cross-over,” said Jason Woody of Woody Auction. “One is as fascinating and unique as the other, and that’s a good thing for firearms enthusiasts who will be bidding, presumably at both auctions.” The Brinker Collection will be sold from 1 p.m.- 5 p.m. After a brief break, Dr. Luger’s collection will be sold, starting at 5:30 p.m.

All the Brownings in The Brinker Collection are Belgium manufacture. Also from his collection are about 25,000 rounds of ammunition; these will be split into 25-30 lots. “Since Mr. Brinker’s death, his wife has kept his vast collection in a secure location in their house,” said Mr. Woody. “She just felt now was the right time to make his collection available to folks who appreciate high-quality firearms.”

Some of the firearms in The Brinker Collection expected to pique bidder interest include:

• A pair of Colt “SAA Single-Action Army” .357 Magnum handguns, chrome finish, 3.75” barrels, with stag handles, like new, in presentation case.

• A commemorative Browning “A5 Classic” 12-gauge shotgun with brushed nickel finish, 28” barrel, new in the box, one of only 5,000 manufactured.

• A Winchester “M1 Garand” 30-06 Cal service-grade rifle with military Parkerized finish, 24” barrel, all purchase and acquisition papers.

• A Colt “Delta Elite” 10mm handgun with blue finish, 5” barrel, like new in the box.

• Three Belgium Browning firearms, including a high-power 9mm handgun, a pocket model 380 and a Baby Browning .25ACP; all with blue finish and in like-new condition, in the presentation case.

• A Smith & Wesson Model “19-3” .357 Magnum handgun with blue finish and 4” barrel; Texas Ranger commemorative model in a presentation case with Bowie knife, in like-new condition.

• A Broom-Handle Mauser “C96” 9mm handgun with “Red 9” grips and military spec finish, 5.5” barrel, matching numbers, in overall excellent condition.

• A Smith & Wesson Model “53” handgun with .22 jet and .22 caliber cylinders, blue finish, 6” barrel, in excellent condition and still in the box.

• A Colt “Python” .357 Magnum handgun with blue finish and 4” barrel, in excellent condition.

• A Colt “AR-15 A2 HBAR Sporter” .223 rifle with military spec finish and 20” barrel, flash suppressor, web sling, two 20RD Colt Mags, like new in the box.

Dr. Luger is a former member of the High Standard Collectors Association and is proud to have been able to find about 40 different model variations of these high-quality handguns. High Standards were manufactured from 1951-1984 and have been used by the military over the years. A few in Dr. Luger’s collection are early models. Some standout firearms in his collection are as follows:

• A High Standard “Model 102 Supermatic Citation” .22 caliber handgun with blue finish and 10” barrel, ported barrel and barrel weights, muzzle compensator, in excellent condition.

• An HK Model “USP 40” .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun with matte finish and 4.375” barrel, like new in the box.

• A High Standard “Model 104 Supermatic Citation” .22 caliber handgun with blue finish and 5.5” barrel, original in the box and in excellent condition.

• A High Standard “Olympic” .22 caliber short handgun with blue finish and 6.75” barrel, 1980 Olympic Special Edition, ported barrel, like new in the box, with presentation case.

• A Walther “LP Model 2” .177 caliber air pistol with matte finish and 9.5” barrel, one of the finest target pistols made, like new in the original box.

• A Special Order High Standard “Model 10X” .22 caliber handgun with matte finish and 5.5” barrel, built by Bob Shea of the High Standard Custom Shop, signed under the grips, circa 1981, like new.

• A Winchester “Model 1886” .38-56WCF lever-action rifle with blue finish and 26” barrel, good case color, shiny bore, made in 1890, very good condition, to be sold with custom ammunition.

• A Winchester “Model 1886” 33WCF lever-action rifle with blue finish and 24” barrel, made in 1911, no blue on receiver but the barrel has blue, overall very good condition.
• Winchester “Model 90” .22 caliber rifle with blue finish and 24” barrel, octagon barrel, like new.

• A German drilling shotgun/rifle with blue finish and 26.75” barrel, “Prima-Fluss-Stahl,” double-barrel 16-gauge with about 9mm unidentified rifle bore, finely recheckered stock, excellent.

Both collections will be sold without reserve, meaning every firearm will go, regardless of price. Any person who has the legal right to purchase and own a firearm may bid. Missouri residents may attend, pay and leave with their purchase (the same also applies to all current FFL license holders). Previews for both collections will be held on Saturday, the day of sale, from 10 a.m. until auction time.

For more information about Woody Auction and the September 6 auctions, you may click on Many photos and lot descriptions have already been posted. Woody Auction is always accepting quality consignmments for future sales. To consign an item, estate or collection, you may call them directly, at (316) 747-2694. Or, you may e-mail them at [email protected]