Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

WorthPoint Acquires GoAntiques

Atlanta-based WorthPoint ( ), a leading online source for information about art, antiques and collectibles, announced that it has completed its acquisition of Dublin, Ohio-based GoAntiques ( ), an online network for buying and selling antiques and collectibles.

Under the terms of the acquisition, WorthPoint founder and CEO Will Seippel will remain chief executive officer, and GoAntiques President and CEO Jim Kamnikar will serve as WorthPoint’s president. The combined company will have more than a half-million registered members and more than a million unique visitors per month.

Founded in 2007, WorthPoint offers a database of sales records on art, antiques and collectibles from hundreds of auction houses. Its rich multimedia experience helps collectors understand the value of their items. Members can take advantage of expert advice from the Company’s Worthologist team on how to preserve or sell antiques and collectibles. Members can also share their knowledge and create online collecting communities.

GoAntiques is the oldest Web antiques-and-collectibles site. It offers 650,000 items from approximately 1,300 dealers in 31 countries. GoAntiques logs about five million page views and thousands of transactions each month and has approximately 450,000 registered members. GoAntiques’ PriceMiner(R) guide is the biggest in the world, offering prices on 27 million collectibles and pieces of art and over 32 million images.

“The art, antiques and collectibles industry is undergoing some dramatic changes as the population ages and we face uncertain economic times,” said Will Seippel. “Combining GoAntiques’ wealth of experience in the art, antiques and collectibles market with our unmatched database of 4.5 million auction entries helps put WorthPoint in a leading position to reinvigorate our industry.”

Seippel added, “In the future, we will look to both organic growth through sales and marketing initiatives and possible strategic acquisitions to build our subscriber base.”

“WorthPoint is taking important steps to ensure a seamless transition in the acquisition of GoAntiques,” said Jim Kamnikar. “In the coming months, we will be unveiling new features and services to help people understand the antiques and collectibles they own, determine their value and how to monetize them. Members can look forward to a diverse community supporting different areas of collecting, a new Internet-auction environment and a taxonomy that will make finding, pricing, researching and selling antiques much easier.”