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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

“Artprice or the Art Market Revolution,” Documentary Online now Available in Chinese, German and Spanish Versions.

This 23-minute documentary (E.Perrone) in HD format describes the extraordinary human adventure of the birth in France of the world leader in art market information, Artprice, which grew out of a twenty year search for perfection in a global quest to make an Alexandrian library available to the world on Internet. Today Artprice owns 360,000 books, documents and art manuscripts dating back to the 17th century. Referring to the documentary, Thierry Ehrmann said, “Film-maker Etienne Perrone has captured the real added-value that Artprice has contributed to Art history. No other company in the world has given itself the objective of standardising the art market.” This documentary shows the hundreds of thousands of work-hours by historians and scientists who year after year enrich the largest art market database in the world. Artprice, according to its founder, “is only at 10% of its history.” The film was made in collaboration with the managers and personnel that have constituted Artprice and Groupe Serveur every day since 1987.”

Chinese version: German version: Spanish version: Already online: English version – French version All versions are downloadable (HD Quality)

Source: (c)1987-2009 thierry Ehrmann

Discover the world of Artprice :

Artprice, the world leader in art market information, lists over 25 million auction prices and indices covering over 405,000 artists, continuously updated from 2,900 international auction houses. Artprice provides daily information on art market trends for the main financial press titles and agencies worldwide. Artprice Images(R) offers unlimited access to the largest database of art market information in the world, a library of 108,000,000 images and engravings of art works from 1700 to the present day. Artprice offers standardised adverts to its 1,300,000 members (member log in) and is the world’s leading market for buying and selling works of art (source: Artprice).