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Stoneware Bank Makes $5,875 at Garth’s Auction

Avid collectors and dealers have always looked for, if not longed for, the chance to discover special items during their forays to thrift stores, yard sales, and now, the big online auction venues. The probability of stumbling across something that everyone else missed may be small, but it energizes the hunt. Still, in today’s economy, it is more of a lure than ever – to chance upon an item that can be added to a collection for very little or, more likely, be resold for great profit. On Saturday, May 23, 2009, Garth’s Auctions, Inc. of Delaware, Ohio was the scene of just such a discovery and a story to be shared among all antiques hunters out there.

Garth’s hosted its Third Annual Ohio Valley Auction and displayed a wonderful selection of antique furniture and decorative arts. Among the assortment of both formal, painted and folk material offered was a whimsical, ovoid form stoneware bank with a bright cobalt glaze and incised decoration of a child, as well as flowers, a bird and the inscription “Barberton Ohio Earma L. Cox Was born Dec 25 1908”. While a particular maker for the bank was not identified, the town of Barberton, located in northeast Ohio‘s Summit County, was right in the heart of the 19th century pottery district. The small size, wonderful folksy design, and town of its origin all contributed to an outstanding sale price.

The consignor of the bank purchased it on eBay – purportedly for $500, a fraction of the final value. The diminutive 4 ½” high bank realized a healthy $5,875 early in the Ohio Valley session at Garth‘s. It just goes to show you that eBay is a great platform to buy from if you have the time and energy to search. However, if you want to sell realizing your greatest value, your best bet is to go with a traditional, “brick-and-mortar” auction house that recognizes quality, knows how to market antiques, and reaches the proper audience.

For further information about Garth’s Auctioneers & Appraisers, please visit or call 740-362-4771. Garth’s next Eclectic auction will be on June 5th and the next catalog auction featuring Asian, English, Continental and American Decorative Arts will be July 25th.

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