Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Free Antique Silver Reference Guide

The Antique Silver Library has announced the release of a free antique silver book from their growing library on the silversmith arts.

Interested collectors and dealers, can claim their free antique silver handbook with 461 pages and over 2,500 extremely rare and unusual silversmith marks, by simply joining our free Antique Silver Mini-Course & Newsletter today.

Get your own copy of Hallmarks On Gold And Silver Plate by W. Chaffers, published in 1883…one of the rare reference books from our private Antique Silver Library. Visit us today and your free link to the antique silver handbook will be emailed to you instantly.

Subjects covered at the Antique Silver Library include buying and selling antique silver, how to find the best deals, easy ways to identify your silver patterns, how to use antique silver in your daily life, where the top antique silver dealers are usually found, and more!

The sample silver book is free and open to the public. To claim your copy, please visit and join today!

About The Antique Silver Library…

Lost for over 110 years, the Antique Silver Reference Library uncovers a treasure trove of antique silver information for collectors, including many previously unknown hallmarks and silver marks.

Comprising of over 9,500 pages and 32 rare, privately published and out-of-print reference books, research manuals and museum works on antique silver and the silversmith trade. Many of which–thought to be lost forever–are being republished here for the first time.

To learn more, please visit