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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

2009 Royal Bayreuth Convention

The Royal Bayreuth Collectors Club President, Sandy Heerhold, is pleased to announce that the club will hold its 15th annual convention in Memphis Tennessee. The big event will take place September 17, 18, & 19th at the Embassy Suites in Memphis.

The club is proud of the many exciting & educational sessions in store at its conventions each year. The always-popular auction promises to be extra special.

For the first time in its history the club will offer a “Royal Bayreuth Auction Stimulus Deal” – eliminating BOTH the buyer’s and seller’s premiums. As further incentive, the fee for no sale/not meeting reserve will be dropped.

Of course, you must be a paid member in good standing to buy or sell at the club’s annual auction. But at just $30 for an annual membership this is a very economical way to buy or sell such wonderful porcelain.

President Heerhold, with support of the Club board and membership, wanted to extend this offer to help Royal Bayreuth collectors enjoy the fellowship, education, and excitement of increasing their collections at the convention.

Royal Bayreuth is a fine porcelain coveted by collectors since the mid 1800’s. Vintage pieces, generally the focus of the club, were produced through the early 1900’s. The factory in Tettau Germany is still in operation today making fine dinnerware.

The pieces are made out of hard paste porcelain, hand-painted, and found in hundreds of sizes, shapes, & patterns. The figural pieces are particularly colorful & whimsical – and bring smiles to collectors worldwide. Perhaps you’ve already come across a giant red lobster water pitcher while antiquing and didn’t know that there were hundreds of other intriguing pieces to be found from this inventive company!

To see just how unusual they are, visit the club’s website: Excellent resource books are also available at your library or bookstore. Two of the best are authored by charter member Mary McCaslin, and contain many beautiful examples of the pieces.

But the best way to see, and experience Royal Bayreuth pieces is to attend the annual convention. There you will have a chance to purchase pieces from other collectors, share stories about rare finds, and learn how to correctly identify these fine pieces.

If you would like to learn more about the RBCC, or join the club, please visit We would love to welcome you to the world of Royal Bayreuth!


Sandy Heerhold, President RBCC [email protected]
Kat Thacker, Editor RBCC [email protected]

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