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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Wizard of Oz Movie Posters & Celebrity Autographs

If there ever was a time when Oz lovers were recognized and understood for their nostalgic passion it may be this week as Oz and the world celebrates 70 years of timeless wonder. For those of us who grew up watching this magical event once a year, the memorable reflection is somewhat surreal.

Read the full OZ article on our web site link above (go to Important Links box to right of site). It includes ome great photos of the OZ celebration with Lorna Lutz (Judy Garland’s daughter) and munchkins.

Visit our Web Site and view the large, high quality images we have of our complete 2000 + inventory.

For over 20 years Conway’s Vintage Treasures has been scouring the universe in search of the most unusual collectibles and antiques. Not the typical material you see at most antique shows, but rare, selective material like highly rare autograph items from some of the most extraordinary personalities that ever lived. We also get excited over historical and Hollywood memorabilia such as Frank Sinatra’s signed Columbia Contract, JFK signed letters and stunning vintage movie posters. These were the posters actually used in the movie theatres over 50 years ago before the computer generated posters replaced the highly talented movie poster artists of the silver screen era. The vintage artwork on many of these movie posters is amazing. For example, note the stunning artwork for “House on Haunted Hill”, a 1959 horror classic starring Vincent Price.

We also acquire some of the most desirable Fine Art Paintings primarily from 18th,19th and early 20th Century. Our selection includes spectacular landscapes, seascapes, abstract and still life. Our collection is also diverse from important Vietnamese Artist Vu Cao Dam to American Artist Ernest Fiene who was well known for his American City paintings and exceptionally executed portraits.

So, on a quiet evening after a long day take a stroll down memory lane and discover some of the incredible vintage treasures we have in our collection. And, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we’re always happy to hear from other passionate collectors.