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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information Online art and antiques expert appraisals

A new website dedicated to offering professional expert valuations of antiques, art and “collectables” has been launched. offers access to a team of expert valuers who guarantee for as little as £3.99 an expert valuation within 48 hours by simply following three simple clicks of the mouse.

The brainchild of Patrick van der Vorst, an experienced ex-Sotheby’s director, plans to make valuations accessible to all inexpensively and without conflict of interest. The site was started to make art expertise and valuations available for the widest possible number of people. “The art market is sometimes seen as intimidating and the process of getting items valued expensive, time consuming and complex thus putting people off. It need not be. Our team of experts are keen to make art, antiques and collectables valuing straightforward and accessible and even fun” said Patrick van der Vorst.

A strong and key feature of the service is that does not buy or advise on where to sell items. “If we were to buy or sell items it could be perceived that there was a potential conflict of interest. By not doing so we confidently provide a completely unbiased approach and clients can be assured of the most exact and unbiased valuation” added Patrick van der Vorst. All data and images sent to the secure service are kept confidential.

The site offers a choice of 21 categories, such as furniture, memorabilia, paintings, ceramics, contemporary art, silver, manuscripts, toys, classic cars…. Users attach a photograph and complete a description form. Prompts are given to gather relevant information e.g. condition, provenance, signatures or labels. in its first month’s attracted over 1,000 clients and 1,300+ valuations ranging from an exceptional Flemish painting to a 1920’s unique golf ball, from Damien Hirst Spin painting to letters sent by Elvis Presley in the 1960’s.

Case studies are available.

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