Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

6,666 Collectibles Collectors Collect and Connect on Colnect

Colnect Collectors Club ( today announced that there are more than 6,666 collectors registered to its website. This reflects a growth of 20% during the last two months.

Other traffic statistics reported include over 2,123,456 page views during the last 30 days, by more than 46,666 visitors who visited Colnect more than 90,909 times.

“Maybe others prefer to present their statistics using round numbers, but not on Colnect” says Amir Wald, founder of Colnect. “Colnect is very unique in its approach to the collectibles world and offers collectors services that are not available anywhere else. It’s just natural that we’ll do the common things in our own unique way.

As Colnect’s reach is growing quickly, it’s becoming an important site in the collectors market. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the collectibles world and are happy as more people join us on that mission. Collectors, dealers and even shops can enjoy the free and paid services offered on Colnect and we welcome all to join Colnect.”

Colnect’s free online collectibles catalogs are created by volunteers from Colnect’s community. The stamps catalog contain over 78,787 stamps. The coins catalog contains more than 18,181 coins. Banknotes on Colnect number more than 16,161 listings on the banknote catalog. Long ago there were more than 191,191 phone cards, 11,011 bottle caps, and even more than 1,234 tea bags on Colnect’s phone card catalog, bottle cap catalog and tea bag catalog.