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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bonhams Antiquities – 2009 Market Leaders and 2010 Sale Schedule

2009 saw Bonhams Antiquities department build on their position as the market leaders in the UK for sales of ancient art. With a £2 million sale in the October and consistently high sale rates above 80% throughout the year, notable results have been achieved across the board:

• An Egyptian bright blue glazed composition royal shabti – £204,000

• A large Roman onyx cameo of the Empress Livia – £96,000

• An Attic black-figure stamnos – £72,000

• A Roman mosaic panel – £168,000

• A Hellenistic terracotta funerary wall painting – £132,000

• A Roman marble male torso – £93,600

Bonhams Antiquities department are pleased to announce their 2010 sales schedule:

Wednesday 28 April
Wednesday 6 October

The market for Classical and Egyptian antiquities is thriving, with artefacts of interesting and long-established provenance remaining highly sought after. Buyers from all over the world continue to be attracted by the lure of the ancient world, with increasing numbers of new buyers considering ancient artefacts for potential investment as well as for aesthetic pleasure