Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

48th Hong Kong Coin Auction Sale

The 48th Hong Kong Coin Auction will be held at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Kowloon, Hong Kong, at 10.00am on the 25th February, and will feature two sessions (868 lots in total) of predominantly Asian coins and banknotes.

The auction opens with lot 1, a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) 1-Kuan banknote. The Baldwin’s – Ma Tak Wo auction group sold a similar piece in their last sale for a record breaking US$19,000 and, although this note isn’t in as good condition, they are hopeful that this piece will attract as much attention. The banknote section continues to show promise with lot 39 a 1908 Hio Lung Kiang Government Bank, Branch Office $5 note in extremely fine condition and leads into an extensive selection of Indian banknotes, the most unique and desirable being lot 227 the 1000 Rupees, first issue note of Hyderabad.

Following the success of the Chinese medals and orders section of the last sale the Hong Kong sale this year offers a smaller but equally as interesting selection. The highlight of the orders is lot 560 – The Order of the Stripped Tiger, First Class Set. Founded in 1912 by President Yuan Shih-Kai as an award of merit to Chinese Navel and Military Forces, the award cam in nine classes and is no longer awarded. The class is indicated by the number of stars appearing above the tiger’s head and also by the size of the badge itself. Three stars denotes a first class award, two a second class award and one for third class. Lot 560 holds three stars and is in extremely fine condition and estimated at US$12,000 – 15,000.

A nice selection of Portuguese-Indian coinage appears in the World Coins section of the auction and includes 22 coins of high grade and rarity. Lot 799 a 1653 João IV (1640-56): Gold 2-Tangas is the stand out piece. Lots 641 and 783, a 1941 George VI (1936-52): Proof 1-Cent and an 1858 Netherlands East Indies: Gold Proof striking of the copper 2½-Cents, are also worthy of note. The Thai coin section is strong with an extremely rare Rama V gold pattern set (lot 720) shining out above all others, some porcelain gaming counters sit aside the coins as interesting lots and the coin selection is complimented by an extensive group of Thai medals.

For more information about any of the other lots in the sale please contact Seth Freeman on +44 (0)20 79309808 or at [email protected] .

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 Ming Dynasty ?? (1368-1644): 1-Kuan ????, issued by Emperor Hong Wu, made of mulberry
paper, 220mm x 335mm (P AA10). Slightly ragged left margin and usual internal thinning, otherwise fine.

Estimate: US$3,000-4,000

Lot 39 Hio Lung Kiang Government Bank, Branch Office ???????: $5, Year 34 (1908) (Pick and S/M
unlisted). Extremely fine and rare.

Estimate: US$2,500-3,000

Lot 227 Hyderabad: 1000-Rupees, first issue, dated Fasli 1 Tir 1341 (1930), serial no.AA 93609, red, signed by
Hyder Nawaz Jung, printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London (Jhun 12.1; P S267). Usual pinholes to left and in top left
corner, paper strong, extremely fine, highly desirable and rare.

Estimate: US$2,000-2,500

Lot 560 Republic ??: Order of the Striped Tiger ????, First Class Set of Insignia, comprising sash badge
and breast star in silver-gilt and enamels, both stamped “7 X II” and “???” on the reverse, badge 78mm, star 97mm.
Extremely fine and rare.

Estimate: US$12,000-15,000

Lot 641 George VI (1936-52): Proof 1-Cent, 1941 (KM 24). One of the greatest rarities of the Hong Kong series, in PGCS
holder graded PR64RB.

Estimate: US$18,000-22,000

Lot 720 Rama V: Gold Pattern Set, RS127 (1908), 1-Satang, 5-Satangs and 10-Satangs, Obv legend, Rev
chakra, weights 3.90g, 5.78g and 7.98g, diamter 17.4mm, 19.9mm and 22.5mm (S 183, 187, 190; KM Pn50, 51, 52).
Brilliant uncirculated with light red tone, in NGC holders graded MS64, MS63 and MS64 respectively, extremely rare.

Estimate: US$40,000-50,000

Lot 783 Netherlands East Indies: Gold Proof striking of the copper 2½-Cents, 1858, Obv arms and date, Rev
inscription in Malay and Jawi (Scholten 773, stated to be unique, ex Stephanik sale, lot 6894). Brilliant mint state.

Estimate: US$500-700

Lot 799 João IV (1640-56): Gold 2-Tangas, 1653, Chaul E Baçaim mint (Gom 19.01; KM 3). Good very fine or
better for this crude issue, very rare.

Estimate: US$1,000-1,500

• The Hong Kong Coin Auction is held twice annually in conjunction with the Hong Kong International Coin Convention and Antique Watch Fair and always over the three days after the auction. It is organised by Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co. Ltd and A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd and details of how to book an exhibition table or get tickets for the show can be obtained from either of the partners.

• A.H. Baldwin & Sons have been holding auctions in Singapore and Hong Kong with local partners since 1993 and this will be the 32nd auction they have held together.

• Baldwin’s auction department hold between ten and twelve sales annually in London, New York and Hong Kong and specialise in all areas of Numismatics.

Auction Partners

Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co Ltd
Unit A2, 9th Floor, China Insurance Building, 48 Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (++852) 2316 2926
Fax: (++852) 2316 7526

A. H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd
11 Adelphi Terrace, London WC2N 6BJ, United Kingdom
Tel: (++44) (0) 20 7930 9808, Fax: (++44) (0) 20 7930 9450
Email: [email protected]