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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Keil’s Antiques Receives François Linke Furniture

François Linke (1855-1946), born in Pankraz, Bohemia, is considered by many as the greatest Parisian cabinetmaker of his day, at a time when the worldwide influence of French fashion was at its height.

The ancien régime has always been the greatest source of inspiration for artistic design in France and, influenced amongst others by the de Goncourt brothers, the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles were revived to wide popular appeal.

Linke wanted to create a fresh new style and his association with the enigmatic sculptor Léon Messagé resulted in a highly original series of designs, based on the rococo style fused with the latest fashion in Paris, l’art nouveau. This style, known as le style Linke, was received with critical acclaim at the 1900 exhibition and remains popular today amongst the worldwide clientele for Linke’s exquisitely made furniture.

Keil’s Antiques has on exhibit an exciting collection of Francois Link furniture. The collection includes a “Master Bed” made of mahogany with ormulu. The dimensions are 83” long x 69” wide.

The collection also includes a mahogany and ormulu mounted Sideboard (78 ¾” wide x 23 ¼” deep x 43 ¾” high), an exquisite Vitrine made of mahogany with delicate ormolu (29 ¾” tall x 24″ wide x 18 ½” deep) and an “envelope” folding Game Table (23″ square x 29 ½” high when closed, and 32″ square when opened). All of the pieces in the collection are signed by François Linke.

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