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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Crosby Garrett Roman Helmet Appeal

The Crosby Garrett Helmet a major Roman find of national significance, found in North Cumbria, will be auctioned by Christie’s South Kensington, in their antiquities auction on 7 October.

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is launching an urgent public and corporate appeal to help to secure this exceptionally rare Roman Cavalry Parade Helmet, dating from the end of the 1st to 2nd century AD, as a centrepiece for its new £1.5m Roman Frontier: stories beyond Hadrian’s Wall gallery, due to open summer 2011.

Tullie House needs to raise between £300-400,000to secure this major Roman artefact and is launching an urgent public and corporate appeal to encourage individuals and businesses to pledge their support now to keep the Cumbrian Roman Helmet in Cumbria.

The Crosby-Garrett Helmet is an extraordinary example of Roman metalwork at its zenith. It is one of only three that have been discovered in Britain complete with face-masks, the others being the Ribchester Helmet, found in 1796 and now in the British Museum, and the Newstead Helmet, in the Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh, found circa 1905.

The British Museum is working closely with Tullie House as one of its ‘Partnership Galleries’ to develop themes and interpretation for the new gallery. Dr Ralph Jackson, Senior Curator of Romano-British Collections at the British Museum states:

‘The face mask of the Cumbria helmet, like many others, is both extremely finely wrought and chillingly striking, but it is as an ensemble that the helmet is so exceptional and, in its specifics, unparalleled. It is a find of the greatest importance. As a most powerful symbol of the might of Rome, it is a star display piece which could hardly be more appropriate to the collections, galleries and curatorial expertise of Carlisle’s Tullie House Museum: it is vital that the Museum secures it.’

For information on how to donate to the appeal jion Tullie House Facebook group

Or ring 01228 618743

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