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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Historic Arms for Sale at Greg Martin Auctions

Greg Martin Auctions presents its Fall Sale on October 9 & 10 at Greg Martin Auctions’ offices in Irvine, California. The event features an extensive array of antique arms, sporting arms, militaria and historic collectibles. Over 1780 lots will be offered in three sessions over two days. The Sunday session offers the entire inventory of Contra Costa Collectable Firearms of Walnut Creek, California.

The auction features a diverse selection of antique arms and armor sure to pique the interest of collectors and buyers. Such items include an engraved and gold inlaid Colt Python double action revolver by Howard Dove; 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation Colt Single Actions including Artillery Models; and a small grouping of Colt Buntlines from an estate. Fine Winchesters feature an Ulrich engraved Model 1886 rifle; a Model 1886 Carbine with rifle butt, factory smoothbore Model 73 with provenance to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show; and Winchester Model 1866 Saddlering Carbine, Republic of Mexico sunburst marked. This fine sale also offers a large grouping of Lugers and militaria, including a factory Cutaway Model 1908 Luger.

Shotguns feature magnificent Exhibition Grade examples, such as a Jurgen Hensel 20 Gauge Over/Under; Browning Pointer Grade two-barrel set. A selection of historic European lots include a scarce English flintlock blunderbuss with spring-loaded bayonet by H.W. Mortimer, circa 1800; a rare 18th Century English Bullet Crossbow by William Barker of Wigan, circa 1780; and a Renaissance-era South German close helmet. Among other noteworthy offerings are nautical collectibles, rare gambling items, a collection of quality powder horns, fine John Ek knives, and a scarce Wells Fargo Express treasure box. For those who missed out on the Gatling Gun from the June sale, October’s event presents a full-size replica of a Colt Gatling Gun with tripod; a complete miniature Gatling Gun by Don Furr; and a handmade high-quality miniature Gatling Gun in a wooden storage chest.

Both the sale on Saturday and Sunday, October 9 & 10, and previews prior to the event will be held at Greg Martin Auctions’ Irvine offices – an auction location that proved to be popular among attendees for the first time in June. The two-day sale will be held in three sessions: on Saturday, October 9, Session I presents Fine Antique and Collectible Firearms; Session II offers 20th-Century Military and Commercial Firearms, Militaria and Sporting Arms. On Sunday, Session III features the entire contents of Contra Costa Collectable Firearms of Walnut Creek, California. Bidding begins on both days at 12 pm. Greg Martin Auctions’ offices are located at 2152 Alton Parkway, Suite K, Irvine, California. Auction Previews are held from 10 am – 5 pm at the GMA Showroom through October 8.

Highlights of the October auction include:

– Lot 221 – Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle, in 50-100-450 Express Cal., Serial no. 58788, with Factory Letter. This great Deluxe rifle was originally shipped as a .50-110 octagon barrel, plain trigger, checkered stock, with pistol grip, Lyman front and rear tang sights, and sporting leaf rear barrel sight; shotgun butt with rubber buttplate, on August 13, 1891. It was returned to the factory October 16, 1891, and on July 24, 1895 with a new 26? octagon barrel in .50-100-450 caliber, and new rubber buttplate. It was re-shipped as it exists today. With only a handful or two ever manufactured, Deluxe .50-100-450s are seldom encountered. (Estimate: $65,000 – 85,000)

– Lot 215 – Winchester Model 1886 Saddlering Carbine, Serial no. 118481, .50-110 Express cal. This exceptional Carbine features an original “old style” sling and swivel, and Winchester Express rear sight to complement the very scarce .50 Express caliber. The sling is no longer present, but the gun is totally factory original and unmolested. (Estimate: $32,500 – 37,500)

– Lot 171 – Nimschke-Style Engraved Henry Rifle. Serial no. 6488. The engraving may not be from the hand of Nimschke himself, but is definitely exceptional engraving in his style. (Estimate: $30,000 – 50,000)

– Lot 160 – Professionally Built Replica of a Colt Model 1874 10-Barrel Gatling Gun and Tripod Field Mount. This is a fine recreation of the famous and deadly weapon. (Estimate: $30,000 – 50,000)

– Lot 766 – Magnificent Hauptman Combination Rifle/Shotgun of the Highest Quality. In excellent condition, it appears brand new and unfired. (Estimate: $27,500 – 32,500)

– Lot 533 – Unique and Interesting Borchardt Model 1893 Semi-Automatic Pistol, made by Loewe, with Browning Family History. A rare and unique opportunity to own an early possible pre-production prototype example of the first commercially successful semi-automatic pistol, that was no doubt transported by the inventor to the Belgian factory, Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, where it was studied by John Browning and then handed through his family to our present-day consignor. (Estimate: $25,000 – 50,000)

– Lot 266 – Exceptional New York Engraved Remington Model 1875 Single Action Revolver, Serial no. 616, .44 cal., 7-1/2? barrel, New York floral scroll-engraved throughout in the style of L.D. Nimschke. Two-piece mother-of-pearl grips. Sold with an accompanying letter from noted firearms author and historian R. L. Wilson stating: “… Considering all factors, including the excellent engraving style and quality, the aged patina, the condition of the nickel, and the details noted above, serial no. 616 Single Action revolver ranks among the finest known examples of the type, and is worthy of the finest private or museum collection of fine American arms.” (Estimate: $25,000 – 45,000)

– Lot 175 – Ulrich Engraved Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle, Serial no. 38589. We believe this engraving is by Conrad Ulrich; it sports a cougar head and deer on left side of frame, and an elephant head, deer and hound on right side of frame. (Estimate: $25,000 – 35,000)

– Lot 768 – Magnificent Quality Jurgen Hensel, Oberdorf, (Rothenburger Naffeneck) Engraved Over/Under Shotgun. The very highest level of workmanship, the chiseled engraving is magnificent, with gold-line work in raised dogs, pheasant, foxes and ducks. (Estimate: $23,000 – 26,000)

– Lot 763 – Excellent Winchester Model 21 Side-by-Side Shotgun, Serial no. 33058, in fitted Abercrombie & Fitch case. In excellent condition, it appears unfired. (Estimate: $17,500 – 22,500)

– Lot 534 – Factory Cutaway Model 1908 Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol, by DWM. (Estimate: $8,000 – 12,000)

– Lot 794 – Rare 1st Special Service Force V-42 Stiletto and Issue Scabbard. The V-42 was designed in part by the Commanding Officer of the brigade, Lt. Colonel Robert T. Frederick and was manufactured by W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. The rarest of U.S. WWII fighting knives. (Estimate: $6,500 – 7,500)

– Lot 729 – Smith & Wesson Hand-Ejector Model of 1917, Special “0? Serial Number Range, with Holster. With factory letter confirming all features, as shipped on January 3, 1918, to Donald Birnie, the revolver’s original owner. He was a physician in Springfield, Massachusetts, when the war broke out. (Estimate: $5,000 – 7,000)

– Lot 7 – Rare 19th-Century Firearms Curiosa Ivory Vampire Killing Kit. Extremely rare antique ivory vampire killing kit, consisting of an ornate ivory-mounted Christian cross integrating a steel, spring-loaded, .41 caliber single-shot percussion pistol, the center mounted with an ebony shield surmounted with a 8-pointed crown, the tips made from tiny semi-precious red stones. A ruby red five-pointed star adorns the center. The vampire pistol is contained in an ivory case, together with steel dagger blade which attaches to the end of the cross, and related items. The entire case is made from fine elephant ivory and each element is engraved with letters representing the contents. According to the consignor, this was reportedly one of four matching kits. By tradition, this example was brought back from Germany after WWII by one Sergeant Glen Pendelton who liberated it from a German museum in Berlin. A rare and very unique firearms curiosa. (Estimate: $4,500 – 6,500)

– Lot 320 – Engraved and Gold Inlaid Colt Python Double Action Revolver, in red velvet-lined brown mahogany presentation case. The revolver was purchased was Howard Dove, a master engraver for Colt from 1975-1985. (Estimate: $4,000 – 6,000)

– Lot 409 – WWII-era U.S. Navy Mark V-Style Hard Hat Diving Helmet, ca. 1940. Unmarked, it was likely a sales or display sample made by Morse or Desco. (Estimate: $3,000 – 4,000)

– Lot 795 – John Ek Estate WWII Model No. 1 Commando Knife, Mint in Box. John Ek Model Style 1 per their wartime catalog “Your Silent Partner” and illustrated on page 16. (Estimate: $2,750 – 3,250)

All items in the October auction are illustrated in the catalog, available by mail from Greg Martin Auctions or at the sale. The complete catalog – including full descriptions, estimates and photographs by individual lot – will be available online prior to the sale at

Greg Martin Auctions bidders can participate in the events in various ways: onsite at Greg Martin Auctions’ offices in Irvine, via phone bidding and absentee bids. In addition, real-time, Internet bidding through Proxibid allows potential buyers online to view a photo of each item as it goes up for sale and to place a bid as selling is underway.

Greg Martin Auctions’ next live sale is scheduled for mid-January, 2011, at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. As in the past, the auction will be held at the same place and weekend as the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, the International Sporting Arms Show, and Invitational Knifemakers Show – all top events for arms & armor enthusiasts.

Based in Orange County with an office in San Francisco, Greg Martin Auctions (GMA) provides collectors, institutions, dealers and enthusiasts with unsurpassed expertise and a complete range of services to appraise, value, market and sell fine antique, collectible and sporting arms, armor and historical memorabilia. A leading auction house for antique arms and historic memorabilia, Greg Martin Auctions has achieved the sale of some of the most important arms ever sold and numerous world records.

Founded in 1988, Rodin & Shelley Associates provides marketing, communications and public relations services. For further information, please contact Jill M. Turner at 415-346-7300 or [email protected].

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