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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Italian Art Deco Treasure Found in Scotland to Sell at Bonhams

A ceramic sculpture which sat for years unrecognised in a family house in Edinburgh has been identified as a master work by the Italian Art Deco designer Sandro Vacchetti. It will be offered for sale at Bonhams ‘Design from 1860’ auction in London on 17 November (est £8,000–10,000).

The sculpture, known affectionately to the family as, ‘Buttercup and Daisy,’ shows a sauntering, bare-breasted woman in stylish flared oriental print skirt leading a large tiger-like creature. It was brought into Bonhams Edinburgh office for valuation and sent to London for further research. Director of 20th Century Decorative Arts, Mark Oliver said, “When I heard I was to receive a sculpture from Scotland called ‘Buttercup and Daisy’ I imagined two highland cows. I was delighted when it turned out to be such a stylish example of Vacchetti’s work.”

The true title of the piece is ‘Le Due Tigri’ (The Two Tigers). It was manufactured by the Lenci ceramic company in Turin around 1930. Sandro Vacchetti, who was born in 1889 into an artistic family, was a key figure in 20th century Italian ceramic design. His work for Lenci and subsequently at his own company, Essevi, (named after his initials) is now recognised as among the finest and most influential of the inter war years.

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