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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Russian Antique Market at the Central House of Artists

Central House of Artists hosts XXXI Russian Antique Salon the main autumn event on Russian antique market. open through October 30, 2011, 8600 meters accommodate 250 participants. This wide representation demonstrates the stability of the old art market, the investment attractiveness of which increases substantially during the crisis and post-crisis stagnation. While most other industries experiencing decline and instability, art-works confirm the reputation of the eternal values, rise in price and act as a reliable and promising sector for investment.

At the Central zone of the Salon, which houses the stands of the most prominent Russian antique galleries, visitors can see about 20 thematic exhibitions. Paintings by old masters and artists of the Russian avant-garde, classics of the national school of painting and the art of Japan, the Russian glass and decorative art deco – this is not a complete list of beneficiaries of these exhibitions. Salon traditionally surprises by the offers-range – both in topics and price.

The variety of items, the authenticity of the material, selected with the participation of the Expert council of the Antique Salon, which includes prominent experts in different fields, balanced expositions and simply a pleasure to see the wonderful art-works, have made the Salon a significant event in the artistic life of the capital, appealing for both specialists, museum professionals and collectors, and for the public. XXXI Russian Antique Salon accompanies kulturtreger program, including panel discussion “Assessment of Art Items: Current Situation”. The discussion is initiated by the Institute of Art and Antiques Business, and is devoted to the capitalization of art-works – a topic that has become particularly acute due to the increased role of antiques as an investment. Special Project at XXXI Antique Salon is dedicated to the Empire style.

This demonstrates anew-popular trend on national market – increased interest in the works of decorative art. But, unlike the previous popularity of “interior antiques”, this time is of great attention not individual works, but complexes that represent the era or style as a whole. In this area the leaders on Russian market are the Empire and Art Deco, equally demonstrating the commitment to national traditions and great achievements of the art world of interiors.


Exposition «AMPIRE – STYLE OF TWO EMPERORS» from the private collections dedicated to the representative and solemn style, which clearly manifested itself in France and Russia at the first quarter of 19th century and is associated with the names of two emperors – Napoleon and Alexander I.

The exposition demonstrates the interior items typical for both Russia and France. Here presented furniture and lighting, the main objects of the interior, but not only them. Viewers will see a collection of watches, including ones from the workshop of unsurpassed French bronze-master P.Ph. Thomire. The great variety of bronze clocks – one of the most significant features of the Empire style. Among the porcelain works one can see objects with paintings by the famous French battle-pieces painter J.-Ph.-J. Swebach, who worked at the Imperial Porcelain Factory since 1813, and a vase with caryatids, executed by sculptor S. Pimenov. A collection of miniature paintings introduces the images of people of Empire time, in which of the great significance are the portraits of Alexander I and Empress Elisabeth, Napoleon and Madame Recamier. Furnishings of Russian Empire mansion of the first third of the 19th century demonstrate the uniqueness of this area of Russian decorative and applied arts, based on the style, born in France. These subjects clearly demonstrate the originality and uniqueness of Russian estate culture of “golden age”.

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