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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Pair Of Colt Gatling Guns Brings $406,300 At Heritage Auction

A U.S. Model 1883 Colt Gatling Gun and rare limber sold for $227,050 and a U.S. Model 1875 .45 government caliber Colt Gatling Gun realized $179,250 to take top lot honors during Heritage Auctions’ $3.457+ million Civil War & Militaria and Arms & Armor Signature® Auctions June 8-9.

The two rare military firearms were both from the Michael Yeck Collection, a well-known selection of historical arms that also included a U.S. Model 1841 Model field gun, which sold for $89,625.

“Collections like this are getting harder and harder to come by and bidders recognized its rarity and fantastic condition,” said Cliff Chappelle, Consignment Director for Arms & Armor at Heritage Auctions. “We were pleased at the collections’ final value but were not surprised how fiercely people competed for these prlinks.”

The June 8 Civil War and Memorabilia event presented a rare examples of high-powered Civil War armament, including an ammunition caisson and limber in excellent condition and retaining much of its period paint , which fetched $47,800. A U.S. Model 1838 24 pounder 8″ Coehorn mortar, saw 11 bidders vie for the piece to eventually drive the price realized to $44,812.

The selection of memorabilia ranged from an impressive three-piece coin silver coffee set that once belonged to Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, which sold for $26,680 to a classic Confederate company grade officer’s kepi, which changed hands for $9,560.

The June 9 Arms & Armor event presented numerous rare pistols and rifles, as a rare 20 gauge James Purdey & Sons sidelock ejector double barrel shotgun realized $35,850 and a scarce DWM Model 1900 Luger semi-automatic pistol with accoutrements, reaching $26,680. An exceptional Colt Model 1872 open-top-single action revolver sold for $19,120 and a 5-Digit U.S. Cold single action army revolver, serial #32040, also brought a strong $19,120.

Among the large and varied selection of ammunition in the auction, an ammunition cartridge display board by the United States Cartridge Co. realized $17,925. Two rare English ammunition display boards sold well, the first featured Kynoch’s Birmingham and sold for $8,365 and the second offered over a hundred examples of brass and pasteboard cartridges made by Eley Brothers, which sold for $7,170.

Highlights from Civil War & Militaria Signature® Auction include but are not limited to:

A Civil War regulation 34 star silk cavalry guidon carried at Appomattox during the surrender of Confederate military, realized $23,900.

An exceptional Samuel Kirk & Son repousse coin silver bowl presented to Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis, the former Confederate President, realized $15,535.

A section of fabric from a WWI Imperial German aeroplane rudder realized $7,170.

Highlights from Arms & Armor Signature® Auction include but are not limited to:

An engraved Volcanic Lever Action No. 1 pocket pistol realized $15,535.

A pair of cased Philadelphia Percussion single-shot derringers by Henry Deringer sold for $11,352.

A large Clip-Point Bowie knife marked Rose, New York, fetched $14,340.