Max Pechstein Painting at Baltimore Summer Antiques Show

M.S. Rau Antiques returns to exhibit a “top picks” selection of prized European and American fine art, antiques, sterling silver, rare fancy colored diamonds, porcelain, as well as unique curiosities like a violano-virtuoso, at the upcoming Baltimore Summer Antiques Show this August. M.S. Rau continues to be a prominent source for collectors, buyers and period experts from around the world, many of whom attend this show which is the country’s largest indoor antiques show.

Hailed in the 1920s by German critics as the “Giotto of his time,” German Expressionist painter Hermann Max Pechstein was considered one of the leading artistic talents during the early 20th century. “Fishing Boats in the Afternoon Sun” is a stunning waterscape with sailboats on the banks of the Lebasee juxtaposed against a striking blue sky. Invigorating the composition with punctuations of a bright cerulean blue, water and sky are dissected by the sailboat masts, both real and reflected in the water, of the docked sailboats. ($1,850,000)