Global Online Course on Asian Antiques

MyAntiqueSchool, has teamed up with Toma Clark Haines, CEO of the world’s most acclaimed Antiques Touring company, The Antiques Diva & Co and Angela Somwaiya, owner of Paul’s Antiques , Thailand who is one of Asia’s most knowledgeable antiques dealers and is the head Antiques Diva Guide for Southeast Asia. The collaboration is to give enthusiasts, collectors and designers access to experts on buying Asian Antiques for the first time. Now wherever you live in the world, you can get access to Asian Antiques Diva Expert, Angela Somwaiya, through the MyAntiqueSchool online classroom, and receive personal tutoring in a vibrant community with other enthusiasts.

During the unique and collaborative online Asian Antiques course Angela Somwaiya and Toma Clark Haines, ‘The Antiques Diva™, take you on a journey through South East Asian antiques using on location video lectures filmed at Paul’s Antiques and other exclusive locations in Bangkok. The subjects are then discussed and debated in the online classroom, with weekly assignments marked by Angela. Subjects covered include colonial era furniture, Burmese teak, lacquerware, hilltribe furniture, hilltribe baskets, temple relics, architectural items and Buddha statues.

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