Elvis Presley Revolvers For Rock Island Auction Sale

Two of Elvis Presley’s lavish revolvers will be available in a May firearms auction hosted by Rock Island Auction Company.

Elvis Presley’s revolvers & gem-studded badge will be sold at Rock Island Auction Company’s May firearms auction. Also being sold is the original sales contract for Graceland, as well as numerous, signed personal documents of the legendary performer.

They are accompanied by several items personally owned by the legendary performer such as a diamond and ruby studded Shelby County sheriff’s badge, the Elvis-signed contract to purchase Graceland, and numerous personal documents also signed by Presley. The King himself purchased the revolvers in 1970 before sending them to Germany to be elaborately decorated. One was presented to Vice President Spiro Agnew as a gift but was returned a short time later while Agnew was being investigated for corruption.

The sale will take place May 5 – 7 at the Rock Island Auction facility and will be open to the public.

About Rock Island Auction Company
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A full story of the Elvis items may be read here: https://www.rockislandauction.com/blog/revolvers-of-the-king-elvis-presley/