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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Artemis Gallery to Sell Ancient Asian and Ethnographic Art on April 12

With a timeline that starts in Ancient Egypt and progresses to the Pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas, Artemis Gallery’s April 12 auction is a fascinating retrospective on how the world evolved to what it is today.

Each of Artemis Gallery’s auctions reflects a deep respect for ancient civilizations of all geographic regions. That’s why the template for all of the company’s sales is so intentionally multicultural. The 215 lots selected for the upcoming auction include Classical Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities, as well as Anatolian, Asian and Central American art. A bonus category consists of ancient through European Renaissance coins.

All auction items, without exception, are guaranteed to be as described and legal to buy and resell under the United States statute covering cultural patrimony (Code 1600, Chapter 14). Artemis Gallery is known internationally for handling only authentic objects of very fine quality. Co-founders Teresa and Bob Dodge are experts in their field and often are called upon by fellow market leaders to provide their unique expertise in authenticating and evaluating objects. “We pride ourselves in the painstaking research we conduct before selling any piece of cultural art. Our customers know they can trust us implicitly, and they bid with total confidence.”

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Greek Attic black-figure amphora with images of Dionysos, nymphs and satyrs, circa 510 BCE, est. $20,000-$25,000