An Explosion of Silk Cocoons to be Auctioned at Cowan’s

An Explosion of Silk Cocoons: This is the sought after artwork nowadays. A Flash of Silk Cocoons is an Artwork Luxury

The Story behind the Silk Cocoon Artworks:

Artist Ida Ivanka Kubler, a Chelsea College of Art postgraduate, found a bag with 400 silk butterfly cocoons in her grand-grand parent’s house. The artist used the cocoons to produce an artwork, which is both abstract and inspirational. Ida has grown up with cocoons.

As a child, she was surrounded by silk cocoons and she experimented with the cocoons with the child’s imagination and freedom. Qualities that have remained with her.

About her most notable artwork series so far:

The Birth of an Idea series is a series of artworks are based on painted and manipulated silk cocoons that are positioned on a canvas. Although the artwork appears deceptively simple in structure, a bold central colour spreads out mandala like in circles losing its colour definition to a second or third colour, the process is in fact very complex. To create an artwork takes upward of two or three months. Cocoons are first examined graded and selected, then cleaned, cut and manipulated. An application of a special primer is applied, then two coats of Old Holland Paint and finally a finishing coating. Cocoons are created in 6 to 12 different groups. Then they are positioned and attached to the canvas. The first solo show with these pieces took place in Notting Hill and it was a sold out.

Art Collectors all over the World:

The artist has travelled to fulfil commissions in both Europe and the USA. She has had studios and exhibitions in London, New York (Manhattan and Tuxedo Park), Miami and Norway. Her artwork has found homes in the USA, Australia, India, Spain, France, Germany, Guernsey, in the UK and Norway. Ida is truly an international artist.

When asking the artist “what are these artworks about and for whom?”

“The artworks have been called inspirational, full of light, love, hope and healing. They have been associated with relaxation, open hands, bouquet of flowers and have been called pixel circle and mosaics. Collectors are drawn to the artwork for these qualities. The artworks have a positive, enhancing effect on the living space. The artworks are also collected as an art investment and have drawn interest from both corporate and charitable foundations.

Each art piece has an unique story: as where and for who it was planned, the colour recipe, in which art studio it was produced, why the person or couple acquired it: There is the husband giving it to his wife’s on her birthday, there is the celebrity wishing to make a positive surprise to his partner, a mother for hope that her daughter will survive after an operation, a person coming out of depression, to beautify family’s living room, to enhance the atmosphere of a family investment office, at a spa centre, at the entrance of a hedge fund building or as a funding for a charity, inviting individuals to be part of an artwork.

Keeping secret

Some art collectors have bought more than one piece for their first and second home. One bank director was happy that he was the only one having a piece in his town. So he wouldn’t reveal to his guests and friends where he got the artwork and would keep the artist name a secret.”

The artworks are copyrighted. There will be only 100 pieces existing.

The artist is halfway through the series with the powerful circles of silk cocoons “The Birth of an Idea”.

A special 10 year anniversary piece will be auctioned for the first time along famous artists like Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso. The global auction will take place on 10/27/2017 at Cowan’s Modern and Contemporary Art + Design Auction. Register to bid here:

A video about the “The Birth of an Idea” series and this special 10 year anniversary piece can be viewed here:


An Explosion of Silk Cocoons