Throckmorton Fine Art presents Pre-Columbian and Chinese Artifacts atTHE AADLA FINE ART & ANTIQUES SHOW

NEW YORK – THROCKMORTON FINE ART ( is presenting a selection of pre-Columbian and Chinese artifacts at THE AADLA FINE ART & ANTIQUES show in New York, from October 26 – 29.

With participation by two dozen leading dealers, the annual ART & ANTIQUE DEALERS LEAGUE OF AMERICA event will host renowned dealers in Old Master drawings, Indian bronzes, English furniture and rare books, as well as ancient Chinese and pre-Columbian masterworks.

“The ART & ANTIQUE DEALERS LEAGUE OF AMERICA attracts enthusiastic collectors, scholars and museum officials,” says Spencer Throckmorton. “The works on view are selected for their quality, aesthetics and rarity.”

Of special interest at the Throckmorton stand are three artifacts originating in China: A Bodhisattva Head of the Northern Qi Period (550-577 CE) in marble, a Collared Disc Effigy of a Dragon, Shang Period, (1600-1100 BCE) in Jade and a Chinese Bi disc with Incised Scroll Pattern, Han Dynasty, of the Warring Period, (475 BCE-220 CE) also in Jade.

Throckmorton is also featuring a Southeast Asian Standing Buddha, Sukhothai Kingdom made of Bronze and dating to 1238-1438 CE.

From the Mezcala, Throckmorton Fine Art is showing a double-sided “Temple Model,” with four columns and stairs (700 BCE-300 CE) made of Metadiorite, an Aztec Engraved Plaque/Stele of a Wind God (1350-1520 CE) made of hard Stone, a Taino Seated Cahoba Figure (1000-1500 CE) of beige stone and a Costa Rican Nicoya Rattle Tripod with Eagles Heads (900-1200 CE) of Papagayo Polychrome Ceramic.

Spencer Throckmorton has pursued a long-held interest in pre-Columbian art, Chinese jades, Asian sculpture and Latin American photography, staging gallery shows and producing a series of publications that have attracted the attention of both collectors and museum officials.

Demonstrating the gallery’s commitment to connoisseurship, Throckmorton has achieved sales to such major museums including The Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston along with the Reina Sofia in Madrid. Portions of collections the gallery was instrumental in forming have been donated to the Louvre. The gallery loans examples on a regular basis to such significant institutions as the National Gallery in London.

As the premier dealer offering extraordinary pre-Columbian art and vintage and contemporary Latin American photography, Throckmorton Fine Art participates in internationally acclaimed fairs, including The Winter Antiques Show, the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW, and exhibitions during Asia Week in New York.

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October 26 – 29, 2018

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Costa Rica Nicoya Rattle Tripod with Eagles Head 900-1200 CE Papagayo Polychrome Ceramic 6 in Hi 9 5-9 diam