Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Antique Painting, Antique Booth Phones, Antique Buddha Statue:

Launching new add ons in apart from affiliated page, Mark Rookie said “The ancient paintings of Indian and Egyptian dynasty are available at present. Some are originals and few of them are replicas. Apart from these latest entrants, we have several paintings that you would love to collect. We buy back or third party sell out guarantee for the replicas. This facility is provided to all our esteemed clients those who are interested in exchanging their artifacts or want to sell out some purchased from us. Antique paintings are in sourced from China, India and major European countries.”

He further added “For peculiar piece of antique painting, please confirm your request giving appropriate details we would definitely provide a source to you for the same. Recently acquired antique painting sourced from various countries is up for sale. Please see our regular antique painting for sale which are available at affordable discount prices.”

“Retailord provides various collections of idols and statues that suit your budget and make your décor look aristocratic in ”

Antique statues are collected by mostly people interested in restoring their ancestral history for their grand children. Even though, you may find people buying antique statue who keep it to add aristocratic value to their home décor.

The price range for the idols and statues starts from $4 onwards. The rates are ascending in order of their oldness. Some of them are exported from various countries. The shipping charges are extra and differ country to country. assures 100% money back guarantee. In case the product is found to be not up to the mark.

Addressing audience he said “Select from immaculate collection of antique bronze statue that were craved using ancient techniques. Please select one of the best collections of antique buddha statues.”
PRO Albert Charles informed that Phones have always fascinated many antique collectors. We were overwhelmed by the enquiries that we received from you. So we have created a new section dedicated only for phones. From age old general phones to mobile phones, we have kept a unique collection of all types of phones. Antique phones , antique booth phones , antique phones wall mounted are available for collectors at discounted rates. We introduce clearance sale every month especially for antique phones : antique booth phones , antique phones wall mounted. Please keep your self updated for the upcoming sales. Preview of Statements : Antique lamps, antique coins, antique tables, antique table lamp, antique painting, retailord, antique painting for sale, antique art painting, antique statues, antique statue, antique bronze statue, antique buddha statue, antique phones, antique booth phones, antique phones wall. For customised range of ADD ON accessories please contact for free catalog on [email protected]. Reproduced and Edited by Anne Lotey for © All Brands mentioned are properties of their respective owners.