Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Carlton Hobbs to Offer Expert Verification and Authenticity Guarantee

NEW YORK – Carlton Hobbs LLC, the noted international antiques dealer, has announced the company will offer an independent and accredited expert assessment, at no cost to its clients, of any item purchased from the firm in the last 15 years. Should any item be found to have an issue of authenticity or degree of restoration, it will become eligible for Carlton Hobbs’s longstanding policy for a full buy-back.

Carlton Hobbs analyzed its sales of approximately 2,100 objects over the past 15 years, and of this total far less than 1% have been earmarked for further review as to the authenticity or degree of restoration, and the purchasers are being notified directly.

In doing so, Carlton Hobbs will provide clients the opportunity to reaffirm the origins and condition of each object, as well as the quality and appropriateness of any restoration undertaken. The company said it is taking action to reassure clients of the importance it places on authenticity and integrity of objects clients purchased from the company.

This program is in response to industry-wide concerns recently expressed in the London antiques community about reproductions and replicas of historical pieces alleged to have been misrepresented as authentic period artifacts. Carlton Hobbs understands this debate was launched in litigation to which Carlton Hobbs is not a party. Regardless of the source of this debate, Carlton Hobbs is reaching out to its clients to reassure them of the authenticity of the objects they acquired.

Verifying the authenticity or degree of restoration of antiques requires specialized skills in documentation, analysis of materials and identification of working techniques to confirm the period when a piece was made, as well as interpreting the signs of wear and damage.

Antique furniture typically undergoes some form of restoration. This is due to the wear and tear of continuous use over hundreds of years. During this time many pieces endured wars, were moved by sailboat or by horse and carriage, and sustained the impact of modern transportation and the environment.

This verification is part of an action plan Carlton Hobbs is announcing today. The company believes this plan will benefit its clients and the antiques profession.

The Carlton Hobbs Plan is comprised of the following:

1.Client Guarantee – Clients whose objects are subject to further review will have their purchases examined to reaffirm the origin and condition of each object. Such clients, or their representatives, are being notified and need to take no further action. All Carlton Hobbs clients, upon request, are also eligible for this service and may contact Carlton Hobbs’s New York office.

2.The Carlton Hobbs Registry – Together with history and provenance, each piece of Carlton Hobbs furniture will now also include, where possible, a comprehensive narrative of any work performed on the specific object. The firm will begin the lengthy process of interviewing past suppliers and restorers to assist in this effort. Any object’s narrative can be continually updated by future owners and restorers.

Stefanie Rinza, managing director of Carlton Hobbs, said: “The history represented by the antiques that grace clients’ homes is worth preserving in the best, most accurate way.