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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information Unveils Dates Set for Antiquing Tour to the Major Antiques Fairs of Europe

Dennisport, MA – Europe Antique Trip announced the itineraries & prices for the upcoming inexpensive antiquing tours to Europe.

The company conducts only a few trips each year in the off season, catering to the serious antique “pickers”. The trips feature inexpensive air fares, cheap but clean hotels, free early admission to the major antiques fairs,and local dealer/guides who take the shoppers to early show openings and “secret” wholesale sources. A December 2008 and a February 2009 trip has been scheduled.

The December trip this year has been changed from the traditional three country excursion because the fair dates require a thanksgiving departure. As a result Travelers will fly to Heathrow in London on the Sunday following The holiday and be escorted by local antique dealer Michael Jordan (no relation) to attend the openings of the HUGE antiques fair at Swinderby airbase in Nottingham and then to the world’s largest antiques fair organized and promoted by DMG at Newark also in England.
On that Friday they will take the “chunnel” train under the english channel into Paris where the travelers will stay at the quaint hotel Maubeuge and then enjoy a wonderful group dinner while contemplating the next days adventure at the famous Paris flea markets. The group will spend the weekend being privately shuttled and guided by local experts to the openings of the best shopping venues. That Monday, a side trip to the French countryside is planned or, If the travelers do not elect to tour Paris, they can attend the weekly auction at the hotel drouot.

The February 2009 trip will return to the company’s original three country venue, which involves going to the Fiera Antiquaria at Arezzo in Italy before the London/paris tour. Arezzo, an historic city in Tuscany hosts a monthly street fair, considered by many to be the biggest and best in Italy & the Mediterrenean. participants may play tourist in nearby Florence as well as in London and Paris if they like.

Travelers who completed the December 2007 trip reported a great willingness on the part of the European dealers to give big discounts and bargain prices to American buyers. It seems they are really hungry for the USA business, in spite of the low dollar. Some advance Reservations are available for the future trips.