Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

New England Antiquing News Headlines distributed by easy to use RSS Syndication

This news service ia directed towards those broadly interested in “Antiquing”, but it does frequently include
tems from New England Shops..
“Antiquing” is not only buying, selling and collecting antiques,but includes learning about them and enjoying them. A good way is to actually see the real thing in Historic Houses, Villages, Seaports & Museums. These are educational institutions as well as displays.Most offer courses and seminars as well as lectures when you”take the tour”.

The news items, added daily, are delivered in an easy to use RSS syndecation system as used by major new agenciys You may read the RSS feed directly from the Feedburner display and subscription page, or your own RSS Reader.
“News Headlines” click to the original source. Items are submitted by readers and are searched for and selected by the editor.
New news items are added at the top, old items
are removed from the bottom. An item stays on the list about 10 days. The number of “views” of each iyem is measured.

New headlines include antique shows that present on-line
inventories, important shows, 17th & 18th century houses up for sale, weekend specials at Historic Inns & Taverns, special events at Historical Societies, etc.
New listings from New England Antique Shops are also displayed.

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