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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

The Top 20 Searches for Antiques and Collectibles at for February 2008

Cleveland, OH – (, the Web’s largest free price guide for antiques and collectibles, today released its list of the top 20 searches for January. The Kovels’ top 20 list is based on the results of hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on its website during the month of February 2008.

People use price guides for a number of reasons, usually to determine the value of an item that they own. If an item isn’t listed on the top 20 list, it doesn’t mean it is unpopular or that there isn’t a demand for it. It only means that in February there was less interest in finding prices for that item.

1. Coca-Cola – Up from #2, 2. Capo-Di-Monte – Up from #4, 3. Jewelry – Up from #6, 4. Furniture – Up from #9, 5. Occupied Japan – Up from #7, 6. Hutchenreuther – Up from #14, 7. Royal Dux – Up from #18, 8. Stoves – Down from #3, 9. World War II – Down from #5, 10. Bradley Hubbard – Not listed last month, 11. Currier Ives – Not listed last month, 12. Dragonware – Not listed last month, 13. Copeland Spode- Not listed last month, 14. Bavaria – Not listed last month, 15. Silver American – Not listed last month 16. Joseph Originals – Not listed last month, 17. Crown Ducal – Not listed last month, 18. Pepsi Cola – Not listed last month, 19. Coin operated machine – Not listed last month. 20. Salt & Pepper – Not listed last month.

Note that every category listed after #9 is new to the top 20 list this month. doesn’t usually see this much of a change over the previous month’s listings.

About the Kovels
Ralph and Terry Kovel are the authors of more than 95 books about collecting and antiques, including the best-selling annual price guide “Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price List.” Hailed by Parade magazine as “the duke and duchess of the antiques world,” the Kovels publish a monthly award-winning newsletter, Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles, and write a syndicated weekly newspaper column distributed to more than 150 newspapers. They appeared weekly on the HGTV program “Flea Market Finds with the Kovels.” Their popular website with free price information is The Kovels’ most recent books are “Kovels’ American Collectibles, 1900 to 2000,” published by Random House, and the newly re-designed Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price List 2008, with 2,500 photos and 42,000 actual prices, published by Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers. Both are available wherever books are sold and online at