Tias.com Antiques and Collectibles Hot List

tias.jpgGarden City – New York – TIAS.com (http://www.tias.com) the Webs largest online antique and collectible mall released their monthly “Hot List” of Antiques & Collectibles. The TIAS “Hot List” has been published monthly since 2002. These monthly “Hot Lists” are based on hundreds of thousands of searches by people using the online search engines at the indicated Web sites in the month of March 2007.

Keep in mind that these searches are what people were looking for, not necessarily what they were buying. In many cases, people will search for items when they are just trying to determine a value of a specific item that they have in their possession.

Here are the top ten search words used at http://www.TIAS.com. This site specializes in offering a broad range of antiques and collectibles:

1. Cookie jar – No Movement, 2. Fenton – Up from #3, 3. Avon – Up from #4, 4. Teapot – Up from #7, 5. Carnival Glass – Up from #6, 6. Pyrex – Down from #5, 7. McCoy – Not listed last month, 8. Milk Glass – No movement, 9. Fire King – Not listed last month, 10. Stamps – Not listed last month

“No Movement” means the item has not changed position since the previous months list. “Down from #..” indicates that the item has dropped on our list since the previous list was published. “Up from #..” indicates that the item has risen on our list since the previous list was published. “Not listed last month” means that this item was not in the previous top 10 list.

Here are the top twenty search words used at http://www.AntiqueArts.com . This site specialized in “high end” Antiques and Art:

1. Chair – Up from #2, 2. Limoges – Down from #1, 3. Tables – Up from #4, 4. Transferware – Not listed last month, 5. Nippon – Down from #3, 6. Sofa – Up from #10, 7. Staffordshire – Up from #8, 8. White Ironstone – Down from #6, 9. Tiffany – Down from #7, 10. Teapots – Not listed last month

Past hot lists can now be viewed online in the TIAS Newsletter archives, just search for “Hot List” at http://www.tias.com/newsletter

About TIAS
TIAS serves approximately 160,000 unique customers a day. About 510 merchants sell through the TIAS system, listing well over half a million items for sale online. The company has been building e-commerce systems for merchants who sell antiques and collectibles since 1995.