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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Comics Buyer’s Guide to Use Heritage Auction Galleries and Atomic Avenue Sales Results for Price Guide

Iola, Wisconsin: Comics Buyer’s Guide (CBG), the world’s longest-running magazine about comics, has announced that they will use actual sales results, from both Heritage Auction Galleries and Atomic Avenue, as the basis for their monthly price guide.

“Reality-based pricing such as this has never been attempted before,” said Brent Frankenhoff, Editor of CBG. “In the past, price guides for comics have been determined by projected prices or retailer opinion, but we are now in a position to use real market data, based on actual, closed transactions to set the prices in our guide. This data comes from two important sources: Heritage Auction Galleries’ Permanent Auction Archives, located at, the leading marketplace for high-end Golden and Silver Age books, and sales from the 600,000+ current listings at Atomic Avenue. By utilizing these constantly updated resources, we’ll be able to present real prices that reflect real market transactions, providing a more useful guide to collectors.”

The CBG Price Guide is included in each monthly issue of the magazine, and currently lists unslabbed, Near Mint prices for thousands of titles.

Peter Bickford, CEO of ComicBase, the world’s largest comic book database, said, ” This is something price guide editors have always wished for, and now we’ve got it: real, verifiable data. Better yet, we can stay constantly updated on what’s really happening in the market on an ongoing basis. A lot of comics are going to be making some big moves, but that’s what you get when you switch from being a mere price guide to the comic industry’s only true market report.”

“The injection of Reality Based Pricing into a market report like this is long overdue,” said Ed Jaster, Vice-President for Heritage. “By using our free public online archive, which lists actual auction sales results for over 150,000 raw and CGC-graded comics, CBG is working to report, rather than speculate on prices, helping to provide an accurate picture of the true state of the market. This information can only help both buyers and sellers alike.”

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