Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Restorer Announces Exclusive Art Restoration Products

Naples, Florida- Michael Blair, owner of Restorer Supplies, a retail store that specializes in providing the most exclusive art restoration products, realizes the importance of keeping valuable artwork preserved.

Blair, who used to do such work himself, saw first-hand how hard it was to get supplies and decided to come up with a remedy.

“The best way to do that is to open a supply company,” Blair stated, and in 2000 he introduced Naples, Florida to Restorer Supplies, a business he would make sure carried all the items needed to perform a successful restoration.

Blair himself became a huge asset to the company simply because he used to work with the items he now sells. “I am not someone who just answers the phone and takes an order. I don’t have to pass the phone to anyone else. All questions can be directly answered by me.” Blair said.

The owner’s knowledge of items used in maintaining artwork enhances his ability to obtain all types of supplies. “We have very hard to get products. We also have exclusive distributorship for a specific product line in Europe.” Blair stated.

Blair said his experience and education in the field of restoration work helps him provide the best customer service possible. “I am willing to spend an hour on the phone with a customer if I can help solve their problems,” he said. However, Blair has also stated he is ready to take on a bigger market such as industrial type businesses. “An example of this is we’re now carrying products like UHU Endfest300, UHU Schnellfest and UHU Sofort adhesives. We also have been supplying Magic Sculp to many of the Cowpainters LLC folks.”

Blair’s expansion plan has already been implemented using technology. The owner oversees the website where customers or businesses in need can get information as well as shop for products. The site features a list of the items in stock as well as an in depth description and costs, as well as a section where customers can ask questions or inquire about items that may not be listed. Restorer Supplies being accessible via internet provides convenient and easy shopping for anyone involved in restoration, simply because products can be purchased with the click of a button.

About Restorer Supplies: Restorer Supplies has been opened since 2000. The business is owned by Michael Blair. For more information, please visit