Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Professional Restorers International Directory

Professional Restorers International has launched its new searchable web site directories allowing visitors to find qualified professional repair and restoration experts in over 40 categories. The range of services available from PRI members is astounding. Many PRI members offer very high end services and museum quality work that requires specialized skills and equipment. Other members specialize in on site repairs for retail furniture stores antique shops and the transit industry. Still others perform refinishing of antiques, pianos, kitchens and repairs to grandpa’s old rocker for individual collectors.

Services available from PRI members and other restorers listed within the directories include Antique Restorations and Conservation, Upholstery, Gold Leafing, Fine Art Restoration, China and Porcelain Repair, Clock Repair, Wicker Restoration, Leather Repair, Antique Radios, Architectural Finishing and Restoration, Antique Trunks, Furniture Refinishing, Antique Firearm Restoration and more.

Currently, across the United States and Canada there are over 2,300 member and non member restorers listed. Each member has a Bio page listing their range of services, skills, history, service area, hours of operation, examples of there work and contact information. Unlike many “free for all” or “add your link” directories, PRI member pages are always current and up to date. Each members’ Bio page is reviewed annually and up dated as needed by each member.

A main goal of PRI is to educate the public about the restoration process so they can make informed intelligent decisions based on facts. To assist visitors in selecting a restorer for their project, the PRI site offers a wealth of information about the restoration processes of many disciplines and an ever growing glossary for terminology with definitions.

Most of the members belong to Guilds, Societies or other professional associations giving them the ability to collaborate together sharing tips, techniques, product reviews and regional business trends, as well as recommending each other to clients searching for a unique or specialized service.

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