Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

AntiqueWeek Launches Live Online Auction Site

Following the recent closure of eBay Live Auctions, AntiqueWeek has launched its own live online auction site, AntiqueWeek Live Auctions.

The new venture is a joint partnership comprised of ATG Media, AntiqueWeek and The three groups bring together a strong base of antiques and collectibles enthusiasts. Each auction listed on AntiqueWeek Live Auctions will be advertised to more than 100,000 people who are solely interested in antiques and collectibles. “AntiqueWeek Live Auctions brings together three of the major players of the industry,” said Tony Gregory, publisher of AntiqueWeek, “ATG Media developed the already proven software; is bringing in the customer service, they have been facilitating live sales for 10 years now; and AntiqueWeek brings its experience in the antiques industry, its knowledge and tradition.” AntiqueWeek Live Auctions will offer all the antiques and collectibles auctions, while its partner, will facilitate general auctions.

Licensed auctioneers will be able to upload their entire catalog and offer live Internet bidding complete with audio and, coming soon, video. Other options will be uploading just the catalog and accepting absentee bids or uploading a few choice items and offering them via an eBay style bidding process of seven to 10-day auctions. “That’s the beauty of our site,” said Gregory, “It offers the flexibility. You have a catalog auction that takes absentee bids, or buyers can participate with live bidding against the floor.” For the time being, only licensed auctioneers can sell items on the site.

Once arriving at AntiqueWeek Live Auctions (site:, users enjoy a quick and free registration process to get started and can receive a monthly newsletter via email. Once registered and logged in, users can see full catalogs, bid by absentee ballot or participate in live auction action, dependent on the format chosen by the auctioneer. One key perk for all involved is that AntiqueWeek Live Auctions works on any computer operating system; therefore, Mac and PC users alike will enjoy the ease and seamlessness of every auction they participate in.
For information about holding your sale with AntiqueWeek Live Auctions, call 1-800-876-5133; bidder questions are referred to at 360-876-5407.

About AntiqueWeek Newspaper:

For over 35 years, AntiqueWeek has been the most authoritative source for weekly antiques and collectibles news in the USA. With its staff of editorial experts, AntiqueWeek presents timely and accurate news coverage of the antiques and auction industry.

Features include:

• Capsule summaries from around the country appear in every issue of their respective regional editions in the AntiqueWeek Auction Roundup.

• Important issues in the auction industry are discussed in Auction Time, a weekly column by auctioneer and attorney Steve Proffitt.

• Additional commentary is provided regularly by veteran AntiqueWeek editors and expert columnists

Additional information AntiqueWeek can be found at, or by contacting their offices at 1-800-876-5133. AntiqueWeek Newspaper, is owned by dmg World Media. This publication is printed in Knightstown, Indiana every Monday.