Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Model Train Sale at Gateway Gallery

Engines, cabooses, boxcars, barrel loaders, semaphores, and stations, all of which boys and girls of any age dream, will be sold April 10 at Gateway Gallery Auction.

“This particular collection of model trains is in excellent condition and has been lovingly cared for, with many of the box sets unopened” said Micah Fowler, CPPA and Specialty Catalog Coordinator at Gateway. Fowler, who became an avid train enthusiast after working closely with William Burkholder, continued “There are many seldom seen pieces here, it’s hard to choo-choose just one.”

While it may be difficult to choose the most coveted piece in the auction, it’s easy to identify those that may contend. The Lionel Lackawanna 2223W Set with original boxes, the 2340 Lionel Pennsy GG1 with original box, (2) Virginian Train Masters, Lionel 6464100 Western Pacific orange body blue feather box car with original box or the factory sealed Lionel Girls Set will certainly command attention.

This diverse collection of Lionel, MTH and Williams manufacturers features high grade collector trains, and numerous box sets (many unopened). With over 300+ cataloged lots of trains and 100+ box and tray lots, all levels of collecting will be represented from Factory Sealed and Mint in the box to starter sets and beginner pieces for collectors, dealers and operators of all budgets.

The cataloged public auction of model trains and accessories will be at 10 AM on April 10 at Gateway Gallery Auction located at 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA. Preview for this auction will be Friday, April 9 from 2-5 PM. Complete photos and catalog listing available online at or by calling 717-263-6512.

About Gateway Gallery Auction LLC

Gateway Gallery Auction is a full service auction facility providing a state-of-the-art showroom atmospher for competitive, far market exchanges between buyers and seller. We are committed to helping others through the transitions of life with our experience, knowledge and honesty. We value our consignors and work hard to deliver results.For further information, please contact us at [email protected]