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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Carlton Hobbs to Participate in Los Angeles Antiques Show

Carlton Hobbs LLC, the prominent international antiques dealer whose New York-based gallery is renown for showcasing 17th to 19th century European furniture, will make his debut at the Los Angeles Antiques Show, which opens at the Santa Monica Air Center’s Barkar Hangar, runs from April 22-29. Here, collectors and connoisseurs will be treated to a visual tour de force of rare and important furniture and decorative objects on which Hobbs has built his reputation as one of the top dealers in his field.

“Carlton and I are delighted to take part in this fair,” said Stefanie Rinza, managing director of the gallery. “One of the great pleasures of participating in art fairs around the world is the opportunity to meet new people, and we look forward introducing our gallery to a new audience of collectors, as well as connecting with our long-term clients in this area.”

According to Rinza, their stand will be bold and glamorous, imbued with a maritime flair. Taking center stage is a very fine scale model of a clipper, circa 19th century, from the collection of King Victor Emmanuel III, which was presented as a gift to his cousin Ammiraglio Thaon de Revel. Made of walnut, this finely detailed scale model is partially planed to one side to reveal the interior structure, the deck fitted with cabins, the ship’s wheel, bell, anchor, and various maritime equipment. It is raised on two supports upon a shaped plinth base.

A set of three important paneled paintings depicting an allegory of the Habsburg dynasty, as well a massive 17th century painting of Denham Place in Buckinghamshire, fourteen feet in length, will adorn the walls. This is probably the largest know depiction of important English country house.

Another important piece is a very rare and beautifully executed example of an early 18th century swiveling chair. There are very few known fully rotating armchairs from this date and the piece is further distinguished by its very fine carved and faux wood decoration which is, uncharacteristically, rendered in green. It is also remarkable for its somewhat anthropomorphic form.

From the ceiling, will hang a magnificent chandelier, a rare survival of an 18th century carved and gilded barochetto lighting fixture. Its of imposing design and scale and is in remarkable original condition, not only retaining all of its silver and gilded decoration but also its crown design tôle drip pans.

About Carlton Hobbs LLC:

Carlton Hobbs is a noted independent dealer in rare antique furniture and historic objects. Founded in 1973 and headquartered in New York, in the former Vanderbilt Mansion, 60 East 93rd Street, the firm acquires researches and sells antiques to museums and discerning clients throughout the world.

Additional information about Carlton Hobbs LLC and its pieces can be found on the company blog at and the website at

Some of the world’s leading museums and private collections now house Carlton Hobbs’ pieces including, amongst others:

The Musée du Louvre, The John Paul Getty Museum, The Rijksmuseum, The National Gallery of Australia, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Musée des Beaux Arts, Dijon, The Bowes Museum, Paxton House, The National Gallery of Greece.

Carlton Hobbs is located at 60 East 93rd Street, between Madison and Park Avenues in New York. Exhibition hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 6:00 PM. For more information, call 212-423-9000 or visit