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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Shadows of the Samurai: Japanese Warrior Traditions at the Fleming Museum

The Fleming Museum is to present Shadows of the Samurai: Japanese Warrior Traditions, open October 14, 2010 – May 11, 2011 in the Wolcott Gallery.

Samurai culture and the code of conduct known as bushido, have exerted a powerful hold on the imaginations of people in the East and the West. The samurai were the military elite of Japanese society from the eighth century through the 1860s. The clever design and exquisite craftsmanship of their helmets and armor were inspired by a love of nature, and were eagerly collected by Westerners for display in private homes and museums. More than professional warriors, the samurai cultivated a variety of aesthetic pursuits, ranging from theater and art to poetry and the tea ceremony. Ceremonial armor, swords, and other weapons — all part of the Fleming Museum collections — are shown along with theater masks, woodblock prints, and other objects reflecting samurai traditions.

The University of Vermont’s Robert Hull Fleming Museum. Located in Burlington, the Fleming Museum is Vermont’s leading museum of art and world cultures.

Since its opening in 1931, the Fleming Museum has brought world-class art and diverse visual culture to the people of northern New England. With a collection of 25,000 objects from cultures worldwide and nine special exhibitions annually, the Museum attracts visitors of all ages from throughout the region. Tourists from around the world who visit Vermont for its natural beauty are delighted to find a thriving cultural scene unfolding between the Green Mountains and the shores of Lake Champlain.

Fleming Museum 61 Colchester Avenue Burlington, Vermont 05405 USA

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