Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information
Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Antiques Show Promotions Puts Art and Antiques File Photos Online

Urban Art & Antiques and Antiques Show Promotions have made its art and antiques file photos of shows, museums and galleries available for republication on the web. The photos may not be suitable for print and should not be used for advertorial purposes.

Anyone re-publishing a photo should provide credit and a link to . Each photo is labeled with a title, credit and attributing URL.

Landmarks including art museums, auction galleries, facilities used for antiques shows, road signs and other photos have been included as well as other related images. Additional images will be made available as they become available. Only images contained at the following link may be used. Images in the root directory may only be used with advance written permission.

About Antiques Show Promotions: Antiques Show Promotions is working to make promotion more effective and affordable for show promoters and dealers. From San Francisco to New York and inbetween we’re helping the industry understand new media and finding more effective means of promotion, all the while working to cast a larger net for the industry. Check out our web sites and email or call for a free consultation or to find out about our promotional packages.

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