Dutch Delftware at The 25th Annual European Fine Art Fair

Some of the world’s most sought-after examples of rare Dutch Delftware will be on sale at The 25th Annual European Fine Art Fair, TEFAF in Maastricht March 16 – 25. Aronson Antiquairs of Amsterdam, is offering “A wonderful and diverse collection of Dutch Delftware, accompanied by a new publication, sure to appeal to Delft collectors, new and old.”

Pair of 1735 Deflt Petit Feu plaque portraits.

One stunning example on the Aronson stand at TEFAF is a Monumental Flower Vase with Tiered Bowls and Covers that Robert Aronson says, “Is currently the only known example of this shape. This Oval Flower Vase is extraordinary not only for its size but for its unusual stag-head spouts, which suggest it must have been a special commission. It is strikingly similar to the decoration of a similarly serpent-handled vase in the collection of Hampton Court.” The pattern itself is a Chinese export porcelain design from the Kangxi period and it was made by the De Grieksche A Factory, owned by Adrianus Kocx.”

A new addition to the ARONSON ANTIQUAIRS exhibition at TEFAF is a Rare and Important Pair of c1735-45 Dutch Delftware ?Petit Feu? Polychrome and Gilded Royal Portrait Plaques. “One depicts Princess Anne elaborately coifed and wearing an ermine-lined cloak over a lavish gown and the other depicts Prince William IV wearing a voluminous periwig, a blue sash and the Order of the Garter on his embroidered and tasseled uniform,” Robert Aronson says. Also showcased is a collection of Six “Haarlem Yellow” Plates attributed to Willem Jansz, Verstraeten, circa 1650-60.

Another striking piece at Aronson’s stand at TEFAF is a c1695-1705 Blue and White Delft Rijstaffel ‘sweet meat’ set with a stunning eight-pointed star-shaped dish and eight surrounding dishes of elaborate spade-shape.

Aronson Antiquairs numbers among its clients the world’ leading connoisseurs as well as major museums incuding The Wadsworth Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Museum and Holland’s own Rijksmuseum. – www.aronson.com

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