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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

“The Elegant Table in the time of Delft Masterworks” is theme of exhibition at ARONSON ANTIQUAIRS presentation at 2016 edition of The European Fine Arts Fair TEFAF

AMSTERDAM, Feb 2, 2016 – Robert Aronson of ARONSON ANTIQUAIRS of Amsterdam ( is delighted to present a special exhibition Sur La Table…… “The Elegant Table in the time of Delft Masterworks” at the 2016 edition of The European Fine Art Fair, TEFAF, in Maastricht from March 10 through March 20.

“We have recently been able to acquire from important sources a variety of remarkable and very rare objects that shared a quality we would like to share with visitors to TEFAF this year.

ARONSON 2016 Tefaf Petit Fou Polychrome and Gilded Puzzle Jug c1730 19.6cm van Beuningen collection
ARONSON 2016 Tefaf Petit Fou Polychrome and Gilded Puzzle Jug c1730 19.6cm van Beuningen collection
“The finest examples of Delft created during the 17th and 18th centuries often were intended to impress guests visiting the owner’s home, especially when dining there. Our TEFAF presentation, Sur La Table ….. “The Elegant Table in the time of Delft Masterworks” illustrates why grand table settings were admired for their entertainment value as much as for their beauty and craftsmanship. Often these specially commissioned Delftworks were decorative and not intended for use. It was a badge of honor and esteem to be invited to a home where the host reserved his most treasured Delftware to share with his guests over a fine meal. The French term “Sur la table” or “at the table” refers to the renewed way of dining in the Netherlands from the second half of the 17th century “à la façon Française – in the manner of the French.”

The Delft masterworks at the Aronson stand at TEFAF are also featured in a new catalog, the 135-year old firm’s eighteenth in a series on Dutch Delftware.

Among highlights of the Aronson presentation, Sur La Table…… “The Elegant Table at the time of Delft Masterworks,” is one of the largest pairs of Obelisks, from the late 17th century, as well as a pair of Glass Coolers and a Bottle Cooler, with the original flasks and their covers.”

From the 18th century, Aronson has procured no less than five pairs of outstanding Tureens with covers and some with stands, two Figural Cisterns and a gorgeous Delft Dore Puzzle Jug.

Aronson Delftware in this show carry the marks of the most esteemed Delft makers including Cornelis Koppens, owner of De Metaale Pot Factory from 1724 to 1757, Adrianus Kocx, the owner of De Grieksche A Factory (The Greek A Factory) from 1686 to 1701, Pieter Adriaensz Kocx, the owner of the Greek A factory from 1701-1703, and Lambertus van Eenhoorn, the owner of the Metaale Pot Factory until 1721.

Aronson says that, “Apart from presenting these rare dining pieces, we also have on offer other highlights including a plaque partially after a Bramer drawing, two exquisite Black Buddhas, and gorgeous Jardinières. After last year’s presentation of the collection of majolica dishes and plates, we now are featuring a special collection of several Frisian ceramics.”

Robert Aronson also notes in his latest catalog that the fifth generation firm has at the time of TEFAF occupied new premises about “ten large steps closer to the Rijksmuseum” at number 45-b on Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. The new premises allow for ‘by appointment’ visits by clients which are very welcome, on the same street where the gallery has long been located. Robert Aronson says he has found increasingly that he usually travels to clients and museums to present new objects and that maintaining a large gallery space was no longer beneficial.

“Earlier this year I was quoted on Artnet News saying: “this year I find that the buzz has started early and that it feels more intense” and we of course started the buzz very early with the unveiling of the grand pair of Lavish 17th century Tulipières, monumental 41-inch high pyramidal flower vases. We had a public unveiling in January on invitation by the Dutch Consul General in New York, Rob de Vos, at the Consulate General. The same evening we put the vases on view at the opening of the Winter Antiques Show and within 48 hours they had found a new home with private collectors based in Britain.”

Robert Aronson oversees a truly 21st century business that has embraced technology and e-commerce in ways his forebears could never have imagined. “I’ve given Aronson Antiquairs a contemporary outlook that best serves both new collectors and old, using the latest tools, from Facebook and Twitter to You Tube video. Now, in whatever way that is most convenient for them, they can learn about Dutch Delft, examine our unrivaled collections, and come to understand the unique qualities of Delftware — more easily than at any time in our company’s 135 year history.”

He also serves on the Executive Board of The European Fine Art Fair, which this year features 275 of the world’s top dealers from 20 countries and is chairman of the Royal Dutch Antique Dealers Association, as well as being a principal sponsor of the web site which will be published under, and the Gemeentemuseum show of antique Delft titled “Delftware WonderWare.”

“My pride in TEFAF is unbridled. It continues to attract the most discerning and sophisticated collectors in all the major disciplines, from paintings and sculpture to ceramics, glass, silver and textiles. We are fortunate each year not only to welcome the most important museums and their patrons, but private collectors and their advisors, all seeking to acquire the most valuable new artworks entering the market.”

Robert Aronson literally grew up at TEFAF, where his late Father, Dave Aronson, served as Chairman. Robert admits that opening day still excites him as he witnesses visitors’ delight viewing what is acknowledged to be the largest assemblage of the finest artworks on the planet under one roof at a single exposition.

“TEFAF offers visitors a unique experience. Besides the amazing connoisseurship you’ll see here, there’s no fair in the world where as rigorous investigation of each item’s quality, condition and authenticity takes place. The dealers demonstrate respect both for their profession as well as their clients by bringing to TEFAF the absolutely best examples on the market today.”

Aronson Antiquairs numbers among its clients international connoisseurs and museums including The Wadsworth Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Museum and Holland’s own Rijksmuseum.

Aronson says the long and interesting history of Dutch Delftware continues to fascinate beginning collectors and seasoned ones too.

Dutch Delftware has been handmade in Holland for more than 400 years. It began when trade with Italy, Spain and Portugal brought earthenware to the Netherlands. By the 17th century the Dutch East India Company had introduced Europe to Chinese porcelain and exports flourished as the West strived to duplicate the Chinese formula for fine blue and white porcelain. When war in China interrupted the trade, potters in Delft expanded their businesses to create earthenware versions of ‘porcelain.’ At the height of production The Guild of Saint Luke counted almost 40 factories in the small city of Delft. They were innovative and adapted to fill the needs of clients all over Europe, with the elegant term ‘faience’ becoming synonymous with ‘delftware.’ For over 130 years Aronson Antiquairs has sought to carry the very finest examples of Delft in the full range of forms and patterns, from the extremely rare Black Delft to Japanese Imari designs and the instantly recognizable Blue and White and Chinoiserie motifs in platters, figures, vases, bowls and plaque forms. The word “Delftware” has long been associated with a visit to Holland.

“Regardless of whether you visit us at TEFAF, come to see us in Amsterdam or shop at our web sites at and there is truly no greater way to learn about and enjoy Dutch Delftware. No one has greater access to the best pieces entering the market. And it is always our pleasure to help new collectors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to build a truly satisfying collection.”