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Collectors and buyers of art, design and antiques will find details of the shows and other Philadelphia attractions on the website It is the only independent, inclusionary guide to the weekend’s events.

The site formerly known as has been incorporated into, stated Regina Kolbe, Publisher and President of Antiques Weeks Media, LLC. Visitors searching for are automatically redirected to

The strategic move provides greater convenience for viewers and greater reach for advertisers. Both and are #1 on Google’s search pages. “We will continue to drive search page results with content in order to keep Philadelphia Antiques Week and high on the search the page listings,” Ms. Kolbe elaborated.

Designed as a travel site to serve collectors shopping the major antiques weeks, is a year-round resource for collectors and new audiences. Content and Events lisitngs provide information, scholarship, and planning opportunities revolving around the major market weeks.

Both the Philadelphia Antiques Show and the 23rd Street Armory Show have adopted as a unique branding opportunity that allows for affinity between the Shows and the readers. This is accomplished through content tailored to the needs of the reader, such as articles that highlight the loan exhibits and their relevance in today’s world of collecting, as well as articles that engage readers with scholarship and background on the many aspects of owning items from the 18th C. through the mid-20th C.

Additionally, special pages highlight and define the Shows’ brands and offer exhibitor listings. An Events Calendar offers the national overview as well as a localized agenda of Philadelphia Events.

Visitors to will also uncover much about the current cultural climate of Philadelphia. Other attractions covered include a walking tour of Philadelphia’s architectural gems, 1780 – 2013, and the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, running concurrently with the antiques fairs.

Philadelphia Antiques Week, as highlighted on, offers collectors the braodest overview of cultural and leisure time options open to them. Philadelphia Antiques Week information is contained under the navigation bar tab of the same title.

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