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Bayko Forum and Toy Collector Link Up

Bayko was the world’s first plastic construction toy and was produced in Liverpool between 1934 and 1964. It is an architectural toy and can be used to build a wide range of buildings from a simple shed to a Skyscraper “limited only by the child’s imagination” as early literature said.

The Bayko Collectors Club is a thriving community that holds regular meetings, organizes exhibitions and holds auctions for its members. And it has now started to also offer an Online Forum for its members, using Toy Collector’s Construction Forum (the Bayko Club is open to enthusiasts of any of the 1,200 plus construction toy companies that have existed). To visit the new Construction Forum just go to

Toy Collector is the portal hoping to attract many of the 2.5 million toy collectors world-wide. It combines the best of the various toy forums, an individual collector’s blog, Youtube, eBay and other sites used by all of us today. All its content is created by the people who know best, the collectors themselves.

Toy Collector plans to significantly increase its functionality over the next few months, adding Toypedia, the database of every toy ever produced and Toy Group functionality allowing any toy related group to organize itself better.

obin Throp, Organizer of the Bayko Collectors Club says: “It’s great to pool resources with Toy Collector; we look forward to telling the world more about Bayko.” Pete Bradley who has an excellent website himself on Bayko (http://www.baykoman) and will also act as moderator for the new forum believes “While admitting that Lego was more versatile and therefore hastened the end of Bayko, Bayko wins hands down on realism – we expect to gain many more members once to our club they see how much fun Bayko is.”