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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Colnect Collectors Club Report Over 8,888 Registered Collectors

Colnect Collectors Club ( reached an important milestone, as more than 8,888 collectors from around the world have registered on the site.

This follows months of significantly accelerated growth in both new members and catalog items, trends that bode well for transforming Colnect into one of the world’s most popular collectible sites. At its current pace, Colnect should eclipse the prestigious 9,999 collector mark by the end of March. The site also announced that it has surpassed the 100,000 Page View per day (or 3 million Page View per month) plateau, another indication of Colnect’s growing popularity in the collector community.

Although Colnect founder Amir Wald expressed satisfaction with the site’s progress, he signaled that many more improvements lie in the horizon. In particular, Colnect confirmed plans to add new categories such as gift cards, create or improve additional languages, and enhance their existing catalogs.

“With the help of our many volunteers, Colnect will continue giving collectors an unmatched collection experience and reach even greater heights,” Mr. Wald boldly declared. “I dream of a site where collectors anywhere in the world can register and use Colnect entirely in their preferred language.” However, Mr. Wald was quick to note that this objective can only be achieved with the help of a much larger Colnect team. “While we have many dedicated volunteer contributors, meeting the needs of our growing membership and expanding catalogs demands even more. Anyone who would like to assist Colnect is always welcome to contact us,” Mr. Wald announced.