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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information – Auction Marketplace for Antiques, Collectibles, Fine Art, Jewelry, Coins, Books

Thanks to the search for an alternative to eBay comes to an end. Antique, collectible, art and coin dealers have longed for this day! is a real auction site that caters to the antique, collectibles, art and coin markets.

The continued increase in fees, changes in policy, and new regulations have frustrated long time eBay users, many of whom aided in creating the site’s success. Until now no other site has been successful in competing with eBay. has set out to capture the niche of antiques, collectibles, art and coins. They are doing just that. The site’s current incentive of one full year of free listing fees and premiums continues to increase membership at a rapid rate.

The antique/collectible expertise of the company’s father-son duo, Mike Kranz Sr. & Mike Kranz Jr., with the expertise of their team of software engineers, assures buyers and sellers a site that is not only free of reproductions and items that are not authentic, but also one that is easy to navigate. They have created clear and concise definitions of “antique” and “collectible,” as well as many other often misused terms and definitions. sits firm on having only reputable dealers and quality merchandise.

With the economy as it stands, more and more people are investing in gold and silver. The outrageous fees charged by other sites has created an unrealistic market of coins. is targeting coin dealers for the benefit of both the seller and the buyer; less overhead means higher profit margin which allows the seller to pass a savings on to the buyer. It is a win-win situation.

Many new sites have hit the internet in the last year, but is the only one that has delivered an auction formatted site that is well designed and easy to use. It has a simple fee structure: flat monthly rates based on number of items listed. It’s a real auction site that brings back the real auction atmosphere that has been recently lost among the fees and frustrations of other sites. The extended auction endings, created by and unique to, brings back the fun. It’s truly a new and unique trading site.

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