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Antiques PR Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter Receives Donation From Benefit Appraisal Day

Gateway Gallery Auction of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, presented $696 to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS). The money was raised during a “Roadshow” appraisal fundraiser.

The appraisal “Roadshow” was held on May 24 at Gateway Gallery Auction, and drew participation from local animal lovers and treasure hunters.

According to Jennifer Vanderau, marketing director for the animal shelter, the funds will be used toward operating expenses for the shelter and care for the animals in need.

The appraisers for the day were John F. Kohler, Jr., owner, auctioneer of Gateway Gallery Auction; Micah D. Fowler, CPPA (Certified Personal Property Appraiser); Maurice Marotte III, co-author of Images of America: Chambersburg and a local postcard and ephemera expert; George Nas, a recognized authority on Native Americana, antique firearms and Civil War antiquities; Kathy McHenry, auctioneer and appraiser of fine arts and antiques; and Cynthia Tobin, auctioneer and appraiser of fine arts, ceramics and vintage clothing. Participants paid $5 for each item appraised.

A great surprise came when a local couple laid out a model 1800 light cavalry saber with all the correct inspectors marks, rack numbers and 7 Co. C. The couple claimed in 1988 they were offered $40,000 for the sword. Today, at auction, it would bring between $45,000 and $55,000.

The same couple also brought in a model 1873 Springfield Carbine Caliber 45 to 55, serial number 37. It was in the right range for possible use during the Custer fight at the Little Big Horn Battlefield. It showed all the positive signs of Indian ownership at one time; brass tack decoration with spiritual designs, the forend had been deeply burnt and shaped out to perfectly fit the right hand for carrying. Traces of inspector’s marks and patent dates still remain. The parts were all genuine and correct for the carbine. Expert George Nas commented “My hands were trembling on this one. It is such a great part of American history, to think the United States Cavalry and an Indian owned this weapon at one time.” Estimate value $35,000 to $50,000. Kay Kohler, co-owner of Gateway Gallery Auction, said the “Roadshow” fundraiser was a success because of community generosity.

“We had six local appraisers donate their time and talent; members of the public brought their treasures in for appraisal – some taking their turn with the appraisers then running out to bring in other items and waiting in line to do it again. It was great to see the enthusiasm.”

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter, Incorporated, is an independent, non-profit, community supported animal shelter that provides humane services for animals in need. Individuals interested in making donations can visit the shelter’s Web site at

Gateway Gallery Auction located at 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, holds benefit appraisals days periodically and auctions throughout the year. More information is available by calling (717) 263-6512 or on the Internet at